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World Linking 1/31/2020

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  • ArenaNet Staff

Here are the worlds for EU:

  • Augury Rock (FR), Aurora Glade (EN)
  • Baruch Bay (SP), Vabbi (EN)
  • Desolation (EN), Underworld (EN)
  • Dzagonur (DE), Arborstone (FR), Fort Ranik (FR)
  • Elona Reach (DE), Ring of Fire (EN), Ruins of Surmia (EN)
  • Gandara (EN), Miller's Sound (DE), Fissure of Woe (EN)
  • Gunnar's Hold (EN), Drakkar Lake (DE)
  • Jade Sea (FR), Blacktide (EN)
  • Piken Square (EN), Abaddon's Mouth (DE)
  • Riverside (DE), Far Shiverpeaks (EN)
  • Seafarer's Rest (EN), Kodash (DE)
  • Whiteside Ridge (EN), Vizunah Square (FR)

Here are the worlds for NA:

  • Anvil Rock, Eredon Terrace
  • Blackgate, Devona's Rest
  • Crystal Desert, Ferguson's Crossing
  • Dragonbrand, Gate of Madness
  • Fort Aspenwood, Stormbluff Isle
  • Henge of Denravi, Darkhaven
  • Jade Quarry, Sanctum of Rall
  • Maguuma, Sorrow's Furnace
  • Northern Shiverpeaks, Borlis Pass
  • Sea of Sorrows, Ehmry Bay
  • Tarnished Coast, Isle of Janthir
  • Yak's Bend, Kaineng
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Mixed feelings about reducing 1 tier in EU. I have suggested this in the past. Feels weird. Wonder if the queues will be an issue, or not.

Every EU server got a link. Piken may have gone the longest (or maybe Piken and Dzag). So hopefully they enjoy it / make the most of it.

We'll see how it goes and report back. Fingers crossed.

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@"McKenna Berdrow.2759"... didn't you say around September 2016... that Baruch never ever would have a link? That German servers never ever would be linked with non-German servers?

I can post the original "speech" you gave us here, if you wish. I have it saved.

How feels to be wrong? B)

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this link: Northern Shiverpeaks, Borlis Pass (should be the other way arround)

I am speachless, feels weird being a host to a zheeerrg server. (i know many bandwagoned from BP to euro servers for what i have been told), still.. doubt we are more active.sometimes outside NA timezone nsp have like 3-5 players lol.. tsk tsk poor BP, maybe this will make nsp players play again :astonished:

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