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Balance Patch Preview - PvP

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I just second this guy pls do the "condi-creep reset", "CC-creep reset" and a "bunker-creep rest"

That way combat can be lengthy enough to actually be able to press most buttons xD with modifiers to defense, too, for specs that are too bunker e.g.

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Hi Everyone, Today we’re previewing the upcoming balance update. We’re starting with a bit of process and general thoughts, then following up with a pile of patch notes. Note that this post is identic

Y'all anet guys should play casual and pro pvp to test and scour for balance fixes. Those number tweaks are extremely important for the health of a pvp game with such a potential as GW2 has.

Another idea from my friend Memausz was "why not let the playerbase modify the numbers (coefficients, cooldowns) for skills in custom arenas?

This way imbalances can be made obvious and balance could be more easily attained. Considering ofc it's a shifting meta

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