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Upcoming Revenant Changes (Global/PvP/WvW)

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@Jthug.9506 said:

My guess is that the new best way to build a pve dps condi renegade will be runes of the renegade, siglis of fire and torment duration, and full expertise duration infusions. Along with full Vipers, and consumables, that would put the condition durations at Bleed 104.87% Torment 99.87% Burning 99.87% Poison 79.87%.

You will loose the bleeding and poison sigils that are currently used, but pick up 7% condition damage across the board, as well as higher durations for torment bleeding and burning than were previously the case with nightmare runes and the current corruption trait-line. Not sure if the bench will be lower higher or the same, but my guess is that it might actually be a bit higher than it is now...

That's definitely a possibility. There's also been talk about elementalist runes. The biggest thing is giving up that double proc of being able to get 2 different on-swap sigils due to weapon + legend swap. They're the entire reason we don't run malice already. Definitely excited to see where it all ends up.

On the elementalist thing I was watching Teapot today and in going over the upcoming changes he seemed to think that it's possible that because of the wording of the new "Yearning Empowerment: This trait has been reworked. It now increases the duration of all damaging conditions by 10%." it might mean that it increases the base duration of conditions rather than increasing the duration on the character panel. If that's true then yeah elementalist runes would probably be ideal.

All base condition increases right now are skill specific, like scepter conditions for necro and pistols for ingis. The chance that the revenant trait will increase the base duration instead of the condition duration stat is pretty close to zero.

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Haven't played too much Rev today, but a few notes:-Pulsating Pestilence got ninja-nerfed in PvP/WvW unmentioned in the patch notes since it got a "rework" aka interaction with Invoke Torment. 3 conditions to 2.-Also very relevant: Invoke Torment has a delay, maybe like 0.5-1s? So all of its interacting traits have a delay as well. Most notably, no more instant transfer. Counterplay is more clear now.-An addition: Previously, when both Pulsating Pestilence and Cleansing Channel, I think--although am not positive--that Pulsating Pestilence would take priority over Cleansing Channel. Now since Cleansing Channel procs before Pulsating Pestilence (er, Permeating Pestilence) due to Invoke Torment's delay, the cleanse is prioritized.

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