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Mythwright Gambit Qadim Deadeye Kiting Bug

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There is currently a bug (or obscure mechanic) which appears to impact only Deadeye kiters (with both rifle and pistol/pistol kiting variants), and not Daredevils or other professions while kiting Qadim in Mythwright Gambit. This doesn't seem to be an issue when kiting with more than one player.

This bug occurs during the kiting phase when Qadim is at 33% health. If the third platform that Qadim ports to is the one after the orbs which bounce players to a new platform, then Qadim can begin to port rapidly to other platforms and quickly wipe the group. Even moving to the platform that Qadim is progressing to will not stop the rapid porting.

This occurs randomly and seems to be unrelated to other mechanics and happens even if the Djinn's Gaze fixation appears to be applied to the kiter. It seems to impact Deadeye kiters only and movement does not seem to be an issue as both P/P and Rifle kiting builds are impacted.

To avoid this, the far platform (the bottom platform in the "Wyverns" layout linked here) should be moved to as the second platform and then the platform prior to the bouncing orbs as the third. However, this does not seem intended as it is not something that non-Deadeye kiters need to do.

This appears to be something of a recent bug, or has become more severe recently as it wasn't a major issue in the past when kiting as a Deadeye. My thoughts are that it may be related to the fixation issues that Samarog can experience where even with a tank that is positioned furthest away, Samarog can preferentially fixate to a Deadeye if they are too close to the boss when CC is completed.

My apologies if this has been raised before - I checked google and also the forums and couldn't see any discussion of this bug.

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