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Bug where you get stuck inside a box and cant get out - Map: Battle of champion's dusk

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Hello so I was just playing some PvP on battle of champion's dusk and i was part of the red team, try to mentally localize yourself in what im about to describe. Do you know that outside of the outer gate of the red team, there are a bunch of boxes to the left of the gate? As you go up the ramp, there are a couple of boxes, you know 'em, perhaps you might not notice them often because they're useless but yeah they are there, oh well I happened to get close to the tall one, there are many boxes, I'm talking about the tall one, and exactly when i was kinda close to it the enemy ranger did a number 4 ability on me with the long bow, which pushed me onto the box, you'd expect my body to hit the box and stop but it uhh, literally went IN the box, i literally went through the box into it, and inside of that box there is free space lol around 2 by 1 meters squared if i had to guess, where I could literally walk around xDOh well if it happens to you as it happened to me, you're just stuck inside it for the rest of the game, we were winning and we lost the match which was a free win, we lost cause the bug caused it to be a 4v5In my opinion there should be a suicide command in case stuff like this happens.If necessary i have the video of me literally inside the box

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