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Strike mission / boneskinner

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Strike missions in Looking For Group are pretty much empty most the day. The boneskinner strike only scare People so they wont do raids, i seen more fails on it than most raids i done. Even whit a orginazed teams is almost impossible. I dont think strikkes right now are what they was supose to do. What do you People think?

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This is the major flaw with the 3 week rotation. The bug was discovered after the hotfix window of the patch occured, and even if it is fixed in next week planned patch, it will take another 2 week to see if there isnt another bug introduced.So now we have a broken strike for this week, which will further harm the community view of 10 man content, seeing how the success of strike is tied to raids, make me fear strike will just die like raids before them.My solutions, remove boneskinner until fix, replace with koda and ice dude, and when fixed, put it back into the front of the line.

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@Gamora.1584 said:

@Frostfang.5109 said:When ppl ask for 200 Li for boneskinner - then something is wrong.

Imagine creating strikes as a stepping stone to raids, but then people asking for LI just to be able to do a strike mission. I have to laugh. I saw the same thing this week but for Whisper of Jormag.

Most likely ppl in said group were after a gold reward. I see nothing wrong about it that the one who creates the group can decide what kind of players he wants.This kind of freedom allows all kind of fun like: fast kills with skilled players, stacking 10 healers for raids for lols, full necro squad beacuse why not, and also an option for newer player to start a squad with whatever requirements he wants.

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