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question about the story *spoilers*


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@xXMapcoXx.9614 said:I didn't realize this and I have not gone back to replay the story instant were you talk to Kormir, but did she say that there are still six gods? Does that mean that someone stripped balthy of his power and replaced him? i read this from another post so can anyone clear this up for me?When talking to Kormir, Kas makes mention of not being able to stop Balthazar without the aid of the six, Rytlok chimes in and says "The Five" since Balthazar is one of the six, Kormir says he isn't, he was stripped of his power and title, and is no longer one of the Six. So yes, it is implied someone has taken Balthazar's place.

https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Facing_the_TruthLady Kasmeer Meade: Goddess Kormir. We have come to you seeking guidance and aid in dark times. Will you hear our plea?Kormir: Rise, Lady Meade.Kormir: Please, continue.Lady Kasmeer Meade: Balthazar has emerged from the Mists to bring ruin to Tyria. He's going to slay Kralkatorrik, and if he succeeds, the imbalance it brings could...Lady Kasmeer Meade: You...you know all of this already, don't you?Kormir: Indeed.Lady Kasmeer Meade: We cannot defeat him on our own. For the sake of Tyria, Goddess Kormir, please-we beg your aid.Kormir: I'm sorry, Lady Meade. There is nothing I can do...Lady Kasmeer Meade: I-please excuse me, Goddess. Perhaps I wasn't clear-we can't hope to defeat Balthazar without the aid of the Six.Rytlock Brimstone: Or the five. Balthazar is one of the Six.Kormir: No. He isn't. Balthazar has been stripped of his claim and title. He is no longer one of the Six.

: Stripped of... He's in Tyria as we speak, leading an army. He claims to be the god of war.
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