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What Future skins do you hope comes to gw2

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More light armor hood options that look good on charr--mostly meaning: hoods that don't disable the charr's horns. There are currently a grand total of three, one of which has the hood sitting so far back on the charr's head, that it's more of an oversized turtleneck. Hell, I recently saw that the hood that thieves can start with looks good, just make a light armor version of that.

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@SoulGuardian.6203 said:

@"Super Hayes.6890" said:Voltaic Spear! I forgot about that one :)

Already in game.

I request a -staff- skin that shares the Voltaic Spear look though if we ever get a elite that throws staffs.

This... and also a spear skin for scepters.Might aswell request the Guardian's Scepter blue projectile to be changed into silver spears instead.That way we can finally have throwable spears.

It doesn't have the lightning effects that make it worth having. Staff skin with lightning effects, then it will be in the game. The underwater one is a cop out and yes, I have it ;)

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I wish we could wield a regular sized sword two handed. I’d pay for an animations pack or something if that was possible. I’d also like more armors or even outfits that have some armor but are kind of more built for agility and speed. No capes or buttcapes slapped on them like everything else. And most of all, and most realistically, I want to be flooded with skyscale skins!

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