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Ancestral Grace+ Immob problem

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After a very long time I decided to play once again my druid build in PvP. I actually think that I stopped playing druid after the Ancestral Grace change that removed the evade from the skill. After a week of playing with druid, I can live with the change but there is one very big issue in my opinion. If you are immobed(not sure if CC as well) during Ancestral Grace duration, you are stuck in the animation for 1.5 sec, open to all attacks while unable to do anything other than weapon swap(whcih could be on CD) for cancelling the animation. This defensive skill, can actually kill you under many scenarios. I think that most reasonable solution, is to make Ancestral Grace immune to immob, like many other movement skills in the game.

Please let me know what you think or how you manage to play around this problem.

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It seems to me ancestral grace and staff in general is without a home. It's obviously not for solo play, because the 20 sec cd without another player to reduce to 15 (most don't go to pet and melee for the reduced cd) and they took away the evade. They don't want it to be a group healer skill, since they lowered the heal a couple years back, and increased the cd. The upcoming patch will reduce the heal in 1/2 again for competitive modes. I was attempting wvw with druid now b4 the nerfs to heals and dmg and it felt weak, and my pet died from untargeted stray aoe's of enemy in very little time (siamoth and smokescale not squishies). If it's weak now b4 patch, I suspect it will be worse after it hits. This said, I believe condi druid still might work in wvw after patch, but I don't know how druid can possibly fit anywhere for heal, 1 v 1, or even +1 in pvp.

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