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What're Your Ideal Patch Notes?

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While it was really tempting to just write “Fixed A Server Crash” here & call it a day, with the looming PvP & WvW "nerf" patch on the horizon & wanted to write down everything that my ideal Living World update patch would entail. I wanted to avoid just “New Expansion” although yes, that would be lovely. Some’s sarcastic, some of it’s not, but take it or leave it these are my ideal updates for a Reasonable-ish update patch. :)


Summer is Here! Bask on the Beach and Embark on Your Journey into the Endless Ocean! The New Sunken Southsun PvE Map Has Been Added to the Game! Talk to Lord Faren or Lady Kasmeer in Lion's Arch to Begin This Exciting New Living World Season!*Note Some Areas in the New Map Are Easier to Access During Certain Times of The Tyrian Day-Night Cycle as the Tide Changes with Day & Night!

Added an Accompanying New Nameable Guild Hall That's Just a F*&%ing Huge Pirate Ship City You Can Expand & Sail Around With Your Guild Mates.

A New Legendary Spear, Speargun, & Trident Are Now Craftable! Talk to Legendary Crafter Hard-Workin Gary in Lion's Arch to Begin Crafting Them!

  • Added NEW GUILD MISSIONS and Updated the Rewards Available for Guild Comms

  • Added New Items to the Laurel Vendors in PvE, PvP, and WvW.

  • Updated PvE with a New Vendor With a Weekly Rotating Stock of Account-Bound Existing Skins, Including Black Lion Skins, & Infusions Tradable for Magnetite Shards + Fractal Relics, or Guild Commendations + Trade Contracts.

  • Updated PvE with a New Vendor With a Weekly Rotating Stock of New Skins & Infusions Tradable for Magnetite Shards + Fractal Relics, or Guild Commendations + Trade Contracts.

  • Added a New [Lead Boots] Vendor to Lion's Arch. Upon Purchase This Item Will Add A Special Action Button in Water that Sinks Your Character Down to Whatever Surface is Below them and Enables Land-Style Combat Under Water Albeit With a +25% Increased Casting Time to "Land-Style Skills." This Special Action Can be Toggled On & Off.

  • Added the Ability to Transmute the Effects of Unlocked Legendary Weapons and Projectiles onto Other Weapons at the Cost of 5 Transmutation Charges

  • Updated the Rewards Purchasable in Crystal Oasis in Exchange for Casino Coins to Include New Items Including an Account-Bound Version of The Confetti Infusion for 200,000 casino coins.


Made Win-Trading a Perma-Bannable Offense by A Person's IP Not By Account.

Updated PvP with a New Vendor With a Weekly Rotating Stock of Account-Bound Existing Skins, Including Black Lion Skins, & Infusions Tradable for Ascended Shards of Glory + Shards of Glory.

Updated PvP with a New Vendor With a Weekly Rotating Stock of New Skins & Infusions Tradable for Ascended Shards of Glory + Shards of Glory.


Added The New Tumultuous Ocean WvW Map to the Rotation. Land & Water Access to Various Parts of Map Alternate with the Shifting Tide.

Updated WvW with a New Vendor With a Weekly Rotating Stock of Account-Bound Existing Skins, Including Black Lion Skins, & Infusions Tradable for Skirmish Tickets + Memories of Battle.

Updated WvW with a New Vendor With a Weekly Rotating Stock of New Skins & Infusions Tradable for Skirmish Tickets + Memories of Battle.

The New "Hellfire Infusion" is Now Available As an Ultra-Ultra Rare Drop From Killing an Opposing Player in WvW.

General Polish:

  • Added The Ability of Skimmers to be used Under Water


With This Patch We Want to Take Another Two Twords Our Philosophy of "Play How You Want to Play" & Further the Current Shift Toward Grandmaster Traits Making Classes Play Differently. With This In Mind The Berserker Specialization Has Had Numerous Inconsistencies Fixed That Should Help Smooth Out It’s Adrenaline Gain and Playstyle Options. Also Chronomancers Have Received Additions to their Grandmaster Traits. Ideally This Should Help Make These Two Specializations Feel Better and Somewhat Viable Across Game Modes, While Not Being Stupidly Overpowered Like They Used to Be.


  • Changed The King Of Fires Trait to Detonate At the Start of Rage Skill Cast Instead of Afterward, Reduced the Number Of Burn Stacks from 3 Stacks for 3 Seconds to 2 Stacks for 4 Seconds to Offset Burst Potential in Competitive Game Modes
  • Fixed a Bug that Prevented the Benefits from the "Crack Shot" trait on Warrior from Being Baseline
  • Updated “Crack Shot” to Cause Attacks from Ranged Weapons to Pierce and Cause Your First Strike When Entering Combat to Apply 5 Stacks of Vulnerability and 1.5 Seconds of Quickness to the Warrior When Using a Ranged Weapon, This Trait Has Swapped Places With "Doubled Standards" in the Major Trait Line
  • Changed the Fire Fields Created From Scorched Earth To Be Actual Projectiles So That They Can Be Aimed Up And Down Terrain
  • Restored the Ability of Berserkers to Use Baseline Warrior Burst Skills in The F1 Slot When Not In Berserk Mode
  • Changed Eternal Champion to Add +600 Toughness In Berserk Mode (Stacks With The Toughness Lost From "Fatal Frenzy" to total +300 Toughness When Traited)


  • Updated Baseline Virtues to More Realistically Compete With Dragon Hunter and Firebrand Varriants. These Virtues Now Do the Following When Cast: Literally Anything
  • Updated Various Traits in the Valor Trait Line to Make it a Viable Option in PvE, PvP and WvW


  • Added 1s of Quickness to Allies Near the Tempest on Overload Completion to the Latent Stamina Trait to More Realistically Compete With Other Traits in this Line


  • Updated "Escape Artist" Trait to Create a Clone of Anyone the Mesmer Grants Stealth to. This Trait Has a 60-Second Internal Cooldown Per Target
  • Changed "Sieze The Moment" to Also Reduce the Remaining Cooldown of "Continuum Split" by Half Every Time You Use a Shatter Skill.
  • Updated "Lost Time" to Also Deal Damage to Enemies You Apply Slow to. This Attack Cannot Critically Hit.
  • Removed the Ability of Mirages to Dodge While Hard CC’d and Immobilized. Added Shatters Refunding 10 Endurance Each to “Mirage Cloak to Help Compensate.


  • Updated Necro Minions "Active" Skills to be Actually Useful but cost 20% of the Minion's Health on Activation
  • Restored "Bitter Chill" to Cause Chill to do Damage


  • Added Ricochet Back to the Game


  • Fixed the Bug that Restored Soul Beast Pets to Full HP After Exiting Beast Form. Added A +30% Heal to Pets on Exiting Beast form to Make Compensate In Competitive Game Modes
  • Changed Glyph of Stars to Instead Transfer Any Incoming Conditions on Allies to their Original Source While Channeled in Base Form & to Convert Incoming Conditions into Boons in Celestial Avatar Form, with a 1 Second Internal Cooldown Per Allied Target.
  • Glyph of Stars Can Now Be Channeled While Moving
  • Doubled the Incoming & Outgoing Damage Transferred on Glyph of Unity


  • Restored the 3rd Leap Finisher on Rocket Charge

General Combat Polish:

  • Fixed a "Bug" That Prevented the Attack Speed Bonuses from Traits Like "Dual Wield" from Stacking With Quickness
  • Fixed the Bug that caused arrows to be unable to be fired from certain weapons, such as Warrior Longbow, until the previous Projectiles had hit or been destroyed. (THIS IS REAL)
  • Tripled The Projectile Speed On Dragon Hunter & Warrior Longbow Arrows as to better compete but still be completely outclassed by the ridiculous range and speed of ranger longbow arrows
  • Removed the Ability of The Following Classes to Use Some of their Weapons in Competitive Game Modes Until They Can Be Reworked, As They Are Actually Useless:Warrior
    • Longbow, Off-Hand Sword, Off-Hand Mace, Torch,Guardian
    • LongbowRanger
    • Off-Hand Dagger, Torch,Necromancer
    • FocusMesmer
    • Off-Hand Sword

Tooltip Cleanup:


  • Changed the Wording of All +% Damage Traits in the Game to Clearly Indicate Whether these Traits Applied Additive or Multiplicative Damage Multipliers
  • Changed all +% Movement Speed Skills, Traits, Runes, and Buffs in the Game to Clearly Indicate Which Stack and Which Do Not
  • Clearly Indicated Which Skills in the Game Can Be Animation Canceled by Stowing a Weapon


  • Removed the Erroneous +50% Movement Speed Buff from the Whirling Axes Tooltip, As this Skill Has Not, And Never Will Give Such a Movement Speed Buff


  • Added a Channel Bar to "Zealot's Defense" While Casting and Updated the Tooltip to Indicate the Correct Channel Time


  • Fixed “Pistol Whip” Tooltip to Include the 5 Minutes of Evade that the Thief Gains From Using This Skill


  • Moved Continuum Split Back to F5 on Chronomancer


  • Clearly Labeled Which Traits Apply to Which Shroud Skills on Scourge

System Cleanup:

  • Fixed the "Tab to Ally" Hotkey Option to Tab to Allies and Exclude Minis and NPC's Instead of Minis and NPC's Excluding Allies


  • Added Endless Beach Swimsuit Outfit to the Style Category of the Gem Store
  • The Wolfhound Warclaw Skin is Now Available for Purchase in The Gem Store for 2000 Gems and as an Uncommon Drop From Black Lion Chests


  • Fixed a Bug that Caused there to be Less Time on The Orb Phase of Dhuum to Gather Orbs and Improved the Size of The Hitbox of Orbs Slightly
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Complete rework of downed skills.

Engineer downed skills are so bad that being downed is worse than instant death. Booby Trap almost never charges before you are dead, so useless. Grappling Line has no effect other then to position your enemy to immediately stomp you. Grappling Line should be unblockable and have some sort of stun/immobilize and Booby Trap should should have a short charge-time and be more like Last Laugh, killing the engineer and downing everyone caught in the blast radius.

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