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So i had a few idea's (for future content/expansion) XD

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Greetings heroes/creatives ,

Returning player here. Made a few gw2 themed sculptures in the past XD.( Their on the old forum. Not really sure why a new forum was created.. the old one was awesome too)XD

Below some (farfetched) ideas that might be interesting for future stuff? (didn’t really looked at it from a mechanical/technical perspective or how it would affect game preformances).

1.”Legendary Stylist/Barber NPC.”It starts with a sidequest in wich the player receives a mail from the npc in question. He/She wants todo cool stuff but lacks suitable “test subjects” for crazy styling experiments. You then set out on a journey around Tyria to convince X npc’s to help out with that. You do this by completing collections for them. When the criteria of X test subjects has met, the Legendary Stylist/Barber becomes a vendor that will offer special effects for your characters haircut; In exchange for some rare mats and some gold ofc. It acts as an extra layered effect; their consumable accbound items, removed on hairstyle/color change.http://i304.photobucket.com/albums/nn193/Halligrendan12/Legendarystylist_zps1s9nsjoy.jpg <--- Examples.

2.”Passive boons Miniatures/Titles.”Something I haven’t seen in a lot of games, But it might be interesting to look into. And when I say passive boons I don’t mean stuff like % crit or % heal. I am talking stuff like % karma, % luck %coin %foodduration %sharpeningstoneduration %harvestbonus etc.It sort of gives that extra layer of value/reason/incentive to wear titles/take out mini’s.The ability to unlock the dormant power/boons of titles/minis could be a future mastery perhaps.

3.”Skritt Boxing.”This could be an (repeatable) sidequest or an actual event once a year. Check out this shrimpy Skritt; Let’s call it Skritty Bilboa for now. His/her dream; to become a boxing champ that would make Killroy proud. You act as the trainer, improve the skritts hp, endurance by doing dailies, Learn new boxing moves by defeating other Skritt boxers and their trainers all over Tyria. Through shout skills you tell your skritt boxer to evade,block,heal,punch. Feeling less rookie? Try your luck at the Skritt Boxing Tournament where famous Skritt boxers compete for the grand prize; the shiniest Boxing gloves in all of Tyria. (unlockable glove skin + title).
http://i304.photobucket.com/albums/nn193/Halligrendan12/onepunchskritt_zpss5jlwao9.jpg <--- Anime referenced example here.

4.”Disaster in Brawler Town.”The player receives a distress call from the Lionguard. Costume brawlers around LA have been mysteriously disappearing. The player must investigate their whereabouts. This sidequest involves saving the abducted Costume Brawlers from Brawler Town; A place ruled by “king Tonic” and his henchmen. It would be like the Queens Jubilee 1 v 1 arena fights but with tonics. By defeating a henchman; the player obtains that henchman’s special tonic skill/buff wich helps in the next encounter. Final fight is King Tonic. He possesses all henchmen skills and switches between them. The players will have the same skillset so picking the right tonic skills set is important to counter/defeat him. Completing this sidequest rewards a title + special combat tonic.

5.”More combat tonics.”Really liked the functional kodan/ and miniature tonic from the new maps. Skritt, Dredge… chickens / roosters? Not unlikely. XDhttp://i304.photobucket.com/albums/nn193/Halligrendan12/TonicChicken_zpsxrxone8s.jpg <--- new combat tonic going wrong...

6.”Ascended/Legendary inventory bags.”Using a new recipe; player can craft Ascended bags wich have 25 free slots + additional rightclick abilities such as; separate auto salvage common/uncommon/rare loot on/off toggle’s, Warning icon on screen to indicate the bag’s almost full, Autorefresh food/sharpstone toggle, name your bags.From there players can upgrade the Ascended bag to a Legendary bag using a new item (lets call it “Gift of Dragoncloth” for now). It will have 30 free slots, the above abilities, PLUS endless swapping between bag types. (equipment, invisible, harvesting, etc).

7.”Legendary cloaks/capes/ Scarfs.”This could be a nice addition to the already impressive backpack collection.Using the same “Gift of Dragoncloth” players could craft these new backpieces.
Some of the more spectacular designs would rely a lot on “fixed” physics. For example; say we go on a legendary journey and craft “the legendary Djinn Scarf” . It would have all physics minus the gravity. (since djinn are ethereal floaty thingies and the scarf has to represent that trait to make it more believable. a good application of this is the abbadon helm… just look at those tentacles). And ofcourse they would have to visually “ignite” when in combat. Examples below.
http://i304.photobucket.com/albums/nn193/Halligrendan12/Djinnscarf_zps9abmx4p7.jpg <--- Examples here.

8.”Relay Races.”(TvT aka TeamvsTeam)A special event once a year or as a permanent gamemode? Something along the line off 5 man team’s versus other server team’s. Haven’t really given this idea much thought XDExample:Start >> Combat>> Mount Race>> Jumping puzzle>> Quiz >> Gathering/Crafting>> Finish.

9.”Legendary Legacy sidequests.”A lot of people probably remember the tokens you get for beating shiro takashi or Abbadon. A nice green reward of your choice? A lot where pretty cool looking not? In a Legendary Legacy sidequest you set out on a journey to retrieve one of those. After beating the final boss/complete story mode of a expansion you’l receive a mail that sets you on the path. You investigate, learn its history, possible whereabouts and how to retrieve this “legacy”. Upon completing various tasks around Tyria for collections you will receive an “ancient relic”( the precursor) Next you would need to empower the relic to restore it to its original state. Alas; The items/gifts needed to empower it can only be found in the past.(Gift of the Ancients, Gift of the Forgotten, Gift of the Underworld etc) Therefore the player must “somehow” venture into the mists; back to the time period of that legacy in order to obtain those items and restore the legacy item.(these are special zones only accessible for players who are on the Legacy sidequest.)This seems like a cool idea, but also extremely farfetched.
http://i304.photobucket.com/albums/nn193/Halligrendan12/LegacyAegis_zpsvha2mxdk.jpg <--- Example here.

10.”Mount Skins.”(Gemstore)The mounts are all great. A lot of effort was put into these on both technical/visual level so I am not sure if it’s even possible to “swap” these on the fly. But you never know.http://i304.photobucket.com/albums/nn193/Halligrendan12/Mountskins_zps2dsua5ii.jpg <--- Examples here.

11.”Mount orientated WvW maps.”Highly doubt anyone would be a fan of this, still I decided to mention it anyway XD.Perhaps a special separate map like EotN.http://i304.photobucket.com/albums/nn193/Halligrendan12/wvwmount_zpsswpocnza.jpg <--- Poor Charr Sentry...

12.”Class specific aura infusions.”Unique aura infusions. Soulbound and obtained only after successfully unlocking all specializations to max within a certain class for instance. Other variants / More colorschemes can be unlocked by completing collections./masteries Below examples.http://i304.photobucket.com/albums/nn193/Halligrendan12/Infusionauras_zpsedffc4jr.jpg <--- examples here.

13.”Realm of Zommoros.”(or; The Raid that will make you ragequit)

“The Mystic forge; a device capable of fusing objects of might and power together. It’s power… drawn from the Djinn known as Zommoros. Hes bound to the forge, and it to him. But now he has grown bored of being a mere servant of mortals and their petty attempts to create precursors. With each forging he has been slowly gathering strength; weakening the spiritual shackles that bound him. Now; Zommoros is unleashed upon Tyria. Ethereal cracks have formed in Mystic forges across Tyria. Zommoro’s twisted minions are pouring into the outside world. Tyria used his prison as a recycle bin… Now… Its his turn…” Drama ends here XD.

Basicly it’s an Elite zone/raid event (once a year) wich brings forth challenges that will even make Expert players/raiders sweat(figuratively speaking) .You are informed of this by a very concerned Miyani through a mail.It is adviced that all team members wear full legendary armor,weapons,trinkets,etc.(This is required to survive some special attacks from Zommoros.)

Each member of the 10 man team must have a special key in their inventory to gain access to the raid/elite zone. The key is made by fusing gifts in the mysticforge that drop from legendary champions that spawn in openworld pve maps during the Realm of Zommoros event.

The raid is circular, with each wing representing a layer/ring; The 10 man team starts at the outer ring. Each ring is ruled by one of Zommoros Champions; who in return command 10 servants. (Both enemy types wield legendary weapons)

During Phase 1 all players are forced togo 1 on 1 versus the champion’s servants. These enemies should not be underestimated as they adapt to repeated skills cycles from players. If one of the players fails to kill his/her target within a set time limit a debuff will be applied to the entire team and persist throughout the entire raid. These debuff stacks depending on how many players fail to kill their opponent. In addition; surviving servants will be absorbed by the Champion; giving it a stacking buff wich boost its damage output. When all servants are dealt with phase 2 begins. The team will faceoff against the champion of that wing. Pretty much like a raidboss with unique mechanics+enrage timer. One thing to mention is that the ai for these mobs should be very unpredictable, but still fair.

Upon beating a champion; phase 3 starts. In a last resort to serve it’s master the champion slams on floor, wich starts the process of the wing collapsing. Within a timelimit all players need to traverse a very annoying JP to the next ring/wing. Players that made it across can interact with a mystic checkpoint crystal to revive players that failed the JP….This will add a debuff to the entire team and will stack depending on how many people need to be revived. The challenges/debuff s become much worse with each passing wing. As the team beats each ring/wing they get closer to the center; where Zommoros is waiting for our heroes.

After a long drama chat with the teamleader the fight begins.

In phase 1 Zommoros will have all abilities his Champions had and switches between them regularly. At some point during the phase he will cast “Mystic instability” on the entire team(similar to agony). To survive this one player must sacrifice a piece of legendary gear. This piece remains broken for the duration of the entire encounter. Sacrificing a piece will also result in a magic shockwave that knocks all players high into the air. Phase 2 begins.

In phase 2 Zommoros begins to launch Bolts of magic upwards towards the team. Players must avoid them while gathering mystic essence as they make their descent down to Zommoros. He will have a barrier that makes him immune to dmg. Each player must atleast gather 10 essence and drop them in the nearby mystic well next to zommoros within a timelimit. Failing todo so will result in Zommoros randomly banishing 1 member of the team from the raid. If the team was successful the mystic well will overload his shield and he becomes dazed for some time allowing the team to do some damage.

Phase 1 and 2 will cycle until Zommoros reaches 20% hp. Phase 3 begins.

Phase 3 . Zommoros ignite’s in anger with a “Enough!” shout, stuns the team, then shatters the floor under our heroes. Within the depths of the mysticforge the team now finds themselves at the start of a JP. Within the timelimit the team must reach the top. Mystic liquids start to rise; dissolving platforms under our heroes.(clocktower JP style) Players unable to overcome this phase will be banished from the raid. At the top Zommoros is waiting on a platform.

Final phase starts.On the circular platform Zommoros tries to knockback players off the platform with unblockable magic blasts(similar to the vinewrath troll but stability doesn’t work). Players getting knocked off are swallowed by the Mystic liquids resulting in instant banish. He will blast this attack randomly clockwise/anticlockwise. This is the only attack he will be using non stop.When Zommoros health has been depleted you get some drama scene of him falling off the platform and shouts ; “Pitifull mortals! You may have defeated me this time.. But the forge is eternal… I AM eternal… without the forge… you are nothing.. mhahaha….a a”Only the survivors within the raid get a well deserved final reward chest + title .Banished players get a mail from Zommoros ; “thanks for visiting my realm. Try harder next time mortal!”

Yah… that’s about it.o/

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