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Looking for friends!


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I returned to this game after quite a long time off, and as all my old friends seem to not have logged in for quite a long time, I am looking for some new friends to play with!

A little about myself: I am a girl, 30 years old and recently became a mom. I will have times that I need to go be with my little one, but I also have time for GW2 and my sweet online friends! I am not a huge fan of pvp, as I am quite the noob honestly. I usually just do story or world events, but I would love to learn fractals, raids and other kinds of advanced stuff!

So, if there is anyone out there that would like to play with a nice social girl, and who might be able to help me learn a thing or two, please hit me up! :) EU server.

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Hello there. I'm a laidback casual veteran on EU server myself. I would say I'm rather social as well. I can help out in most open world PvE stuff, but must admit the high end stuff like Fractals and raids are not my most visited places.I mostly explore maps, do events I stumble upon and do story.With 45 characters, I have always something to do ;)If you are up for open world PvE or story: I could be up for that when online ;)

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I'm a 45 year old dad with kids. I found a guild called "New Outriders" that consists mostly of older married people with minimal drama. Casual guild that doesn't care if you always "represent" the guild and isn't picky about whether you want to be part of other guilds. They have a presence in a variety of games, not just GW2. The times I've done stuff with them were pretty fun. I'll admit that I have a weird schedule that doesn't match up with most guild members. So I'm not really on when most of them are.

We have a website - check it out.


Edit: They also have their own Discord

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