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[Big Balance Patch] Nerf Mirage

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@"The Light In The Darkness.8360" said:Mirage can spam infinite clones and mind wreck is absolutely broken . When the mirage on your team and the mirage on the enemy team are fighting each other on mid it doesn't matter if you are a shaolin or a kung fu master it just absurd .

light in darkness, we can't really see how Mirage or many classes will turn out after the nerf that's coming. Based on paper condition damage seems to be prominent over power, but we will see if arenanet cares to address the current situation with condition and how powerful it can be.

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Crying about our shatter? It deals half the damage of many other classes big abilties and takes up to 3 other cooldowns to setup + clones can die while stacking them.

Filthy thief, you are so op you need many many many nerfs, you have way too many evades, way too many mobility 0 cooldown spam and way too much stealth. It's time for you to die soon enough.

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