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[Suggestion] Profession : Valkyrie

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Profession : ValkyrieArmor : HeavyWeapons : Lance, Shield, Longbows, Shortbows, Riffles, Mounts

Traits :

Revocation Of Light :

  • Punitive Justice : Grants Swiftness for 4 seconds when you gain Fury
  • Banners Of Amnoon : Everytime an ally gains a boon heal yourself for 60 HP
  • Wilder Instincts : Gain Retaliation when you are disabled and stunbreak granting you swiftness for 14 seconds (20 seconds cooldown)

Strenght Of Kormir :

  • Grace of the Hoplite : Steal one boon from your foe everytime you use an attack skill if your HP is below 50%
  • Seeker of Truth : Incoming condition damage is reduced by 40% if you are disabled
  • Grace of the Gods : Incoming condition damage is ineffective if your HP is above 75%

Elite Specialisation : Mounted Artillery

  • Wilderness Expertise : Your mount increases your movement speed by 33%
  • Archeologist Mastery : When unmounting increases your attack speed by 5% and gain quickness and superspeed for 5 seconds.
  • Death From Above : Your mount grants you new abilities and increases your health by 10%
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Why would yu design something to incoperate an OOC mechanic like Mounts into combat.

The traits are a grab-bag with no focus too :

  • Swiftness uptime
  • Literal Condi immunity
  • Herald-esque Elevated Compassion
  • Retaliation????
  • Wtf has Archaeology have to do with Mounts?
  • Boon stealing...? WHY? And only when below 50% hp? HUH?

So what I'm seeing here is a weird 5 headed Warrior thing which can somehow fight on mounts, giving them essentially two HP pools?

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