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Rift inside home instance?

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During the night of 2/11/20, right before the outage, I was in my home instance looting the nodes. While I was not on my main, but on a home instance gate keeper, right by the last node in line past the ores, a rift was clearly visible and close enough to the ground to be interacted with, but I could not. Anyone seen this or know what it is? I tried starting a home instance this morning on my toon which has completed all story content, but no rift was visible

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I was in Rata Sum and my main is a charr. I cant get the rift to reappear now. No its not the friendship mote, the caladbolg quest was finished on the Charr. Sorry I should've taken a screenshot while I had others looting the home but they couldnt see it themselves. It only appeared at that one time for my asura. And that was right at the time of the big outtage last Tueday.

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