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LFG on Devona's Rest that will accept a returning casual player


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I started playing GW2 shortly after it came out, and my friend and I quickly made it up to lvl 80 having a great time along the way. When we got there, there wasn't much to do. No raids, I don't believe fractals existed yet, and we just sort of wondered off eventually making our way back to WoW after trying a few other MMORPGs. I haven't really played much GW2 since then, but I have a lot of very fond memories.

My gaming buddy has gotten pretty busy with work lately and isn't available as much anymore. We're currently playing Classic WoW together, but I find myself with extra gaming time throughout the week and thought maybe I could give GW2 a try again. It seems like there's a lot of new content, and I hear that a lot of work has been done on the end-game experience. Yesterday I bought the two new expansions and started playing through the Heart of Thorns personal story.

I don't know what sort of content focus I'm looking for in a guild, partly because I don't know much about any of the available content right now. I was hoping to find a nice community with varied interests that can help me relearn the game and experience a variety of end-game content to see where my interests lie. Some things I'd like:

  • A guild that runs regular optional events
  • A guild without harsh activity requirements, as I sometimes get busy, especially with my two kids moving on to college
  • A guild with a friendly, supportive atmosphere is a must; family-friendly chat is a huge bonus
  • A guild with enough active players and an active chat is preferred
  • I like smaller guilds, but I know that conflicts a bit with my previous points about an active playerbase
  • A discord server is a big plus; having a way to have some involvement when I'm away from the game helps me feel more connected to both the community and the game.
  • I dislike chats/arguments about religion/politics, crude humor, 'mature content', and swearing. Any guild that promotes sexist, racist, or other hateful ideals or chat is completely out.

All of my characters are on Devona's Rest. I have no idea if that matters or if cross-realm guilds are just as viable in GW2. My main is a lvl 80 Mesmer who I'm sure that I don't play optimally, but who I enjoy immensely. :)

I will be happy to contribute to the guild however I can, once I learn what one is able to do to contribute.

I'm in the EST timezone, and play at various times throughout the day between 9am and 11pm. I'm unavailable for most focused content before 5pm, though.

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