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What do u like most about WvW?


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i actually just really like the gamemode overall. the thing with having objectives, keeps etc to fight over against other groups is just a pretty cool thing. plus, it rarely 1:1 repeats itself, tho the lack of new content does surely make it sometimes feel alike. still, each fight is unique. i enjoy battles pretty much, but it'd be not my thing without having something to defend tbh.

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@kratan.4619 said:I love the fights that accompany trying to take defended objectives. Truly dislike any running back just to do open field zerg on zerg fights, so pointless.

I feel the same. I get annoyed when our commanders run around chasing open field zerg on zerg fights or when the enemy zergs attack an objective with tthe only intention of luring us out into an open field zerg fight. One side will wipe and the other and just sit there waiting for them to regroup. It's dumb AF. Luckily there is usually a roaming commander running a private tag in my friends list that also hates to pointless fights that I can party up with and ninja a t3 hill or bay while the zergs play pirate ship simulator.

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I liked the original vision of WvW: persistent/neverending idea of freedom of conflict.Which is the closest thing to "open world pvp" you can get.

  • Persistent: its not like queueing for a ranked (or any sort of arena/structured pvp).Its always there.
  • Neverending: server matchups (lol) its not a seasonal chapter
  • Freedom of conflict: you can engage the enemies in so many different ways and situations (roaming,defending,zerging,scouting,siegewars,supplyrun,golem rushes...) you get that feeling of THRILL when u are running around: "whats next,what is coming"

It was kinda like that at the beginning.WAS.

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Obviously the excellent optimization, quality QA, and great balance..... lol no.

If it weren't for the people I would have quit like 4 years ago.

I am impressed by how trash this game mode is atm yet it keeps on refusing to die. With any bit of care, it could have reached far greater potential, but this game in general is just one wasted opportunity after another.

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There are times when attacking or defending just seems like a pointless exercise, either getting nuked from orbit by siege, or have your walls spammed by AoEs while the gates melt away - both can be frustrating. The fun part though is when you break in and have to fight to take down the lord and control ring long enough to cap.

As for quick daily, meh, I'd say sPvP is probably fastest, since at times you get a daily done just for queuing up, and even if you have no idea how to play that mode, it isn't hard to get a top score or participate in player kills.

Well except Big Spender..yeah, nothing is faster than that :)

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Narrow down the choices:

  • fights = why not go fight in EOTM or in PvP
  • capture = this usually means ktraining , why not go to silverwastes then
  • quick daily = wrong, PvP usually quicker or easy PvE ones such as vista/gatherer/mystic forge
  • good loot = a delusion and lie

So it's:

  • because of the people --> since being in a WvW guild isn't a requirement it doesn't apply to all
  • balance of fights/capture ---> reword this to fight to tier/detier structures and it would probably be more applicable , without the tiering aspect you might as well fight in ruins . It adds meaning to fights rather than just fighting. Without siege golems, catapults, trebuchets, cannons, siege disablers, shield generators, ballistae, and arrow carts it wouldn't be WvW either.
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@"Dayra.7405" said:Somehow, I'm missing my option:

There are surprises (in contrast to PvE) and the results of actions are less predictable.

Well, thats the ingenious part I guess: enemies create content for each other. Very social experience xD

The one day at borderland keep:"Knock-knock!""Who's there?""6 Golems, surprise :3 ""Welcome, welcome! Come in, lets have some fun :p "

The other day at EBG:. . . you get one-shotted from a perma-stealth Deadeye duo :#

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