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Guild Wars 2 at PAX East 2020

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  • ArenaNet Staff

It's just a few weeks away! Come visit us on the show floor at PAX East 2020 at Booth #1307! We’ll have a sweet backdrop and props for photos, and a community wall to celebrate Friend/Ships.

As part of our partnership with Seize the Awkward, we’re participating in a panel at PAX East. “Build Your Guild: Make and Support Friends in Gaming” is all about games with supportive and uplifting communities. Panelists from ArenaNet, Take This, and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention will share how players can get to know each other, build friendships, and support each other in game.

To attend the panel, join us on Thursday, February 27 at 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time in the Arachnid Theater.

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