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Armistice Bastion


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@"Dawdler.8521" said:I bought a 2 week pass a while ago just to see how popular the arena was. I saw people 3 times in 2 weeks, and 2 of the times was the same person just jumping around.

Well...I'm just glad that I've been luckier when coming on in the Bastion.Got to see popular streamers like Vallun and Noody fighting.And top guilds like KAOS, QQ, XOXO etc.Sometimes you even get to see Cake Walk members who have infiltrated NA with alt accounts during off hours in the Bastion.I'm proud to say that I've won at least once against 2 Cake Walk members to date.


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@sneakytails.5629 said:I really wish we could make some mini-tournaments at the dueling arena in bastion. That would be sick. Maybe have a small gold prize. To me that's the only thing missing.Organize it then.

TBH I dont consider the pass worth it even at 800 gems. The area is pretty pointless. But if one got gold to splurge, whatever. There are worse purchases.

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