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Bjorar Marches Light Puzzles (appreciation)

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It feels like you finally made it, the next generation of Jumping Puzzles. The large ones across the maps encourage the use of mounts, without breaking the difficulty. While the ones in the locked up areas allow no mounts, so you can do the puzzle with just your character.

I really like the concept of re-using a path/section of one puzzle in others, like the mirrors or in the small-scale puzzles with adding multiple paths into the same area. The loot is great compared to the traditional JPs and has a lot better replay value. The way the raven-barriers work inside the small-scale puzzles is also nice, as it allows co-op thinking.

They even addressed the mesmer-issue. It is still possible to run the puzzles with teleport-classes or in groups, but every player has to interact with the mirrors. The puzzles are not so difficult to figure out.

There is but one major problem, not everyone likes the puzzles. They are tied to achievements and obviously the meta-achievements as well. The mirror-mechanic now forces those players to do that content they dislike instead of just walking into a mesmer portal and complete that 10 minute chore in a second. But there are also people who do not like Strike Missions and other parts of the meta-achievement. You can never satisfy everyone.

Anyway, I am surprised in a positive way. Did not expect such a great leap forward in this section. A lot of problems of the old JPs were addressed. This surely was a ton of work. I absolutely love those new puzzles. Please add more in the future.

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