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Lagg and Login server crashes mid game


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I fully understand technology is irregular, gaming has complications that are not simple fixes... buy seriously, WvW lagg is downright obscene and thats putting it midly. On top of that we now get crash after crash after crash. I fully admit Aussie broadband is the biggest load of garbage and there would be little to no dispute by our citizens but this lagg is not caused on our side to a large degree. The drops are coming from the first and subordinate wvw server array. I can do meta's on 5g network with 40 peeps and only get a small deficiency in rtt, pve is fine. Go to wvw and the place can be dang near deserted and Anet/Amazon lagg still hits like a train 340-4000 at the drop of a hat. Are you kidding me! The worst of this is: its not simply Australia. How about you advise us whether this problem is going to be corrected or can even be corrected.

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@CrimsonNeonite.1048 said:Had skill lag tonight in two way fights, some login errors now and again too.

It's a bit frustrating to play, when you have to mash your keyboard like we are playing mario party or Keyboard cat, until any skills work.

Maybe you need a new keyboard if how HARD you press your keys makes any difference to a skill activating.

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@Mini Crinny.6190 said:Server lag? Random Disconnects? seems like it's working as intended


as you already know; this is nothing new with the game. Poor servers are the oldest and longest unresolved problems in the game. It has also helped contributed in negatively affecting the game population and Ncsoft Financial Earnings- and we are all talking about everything else being at fault for it lol

I can play 3 server hungry games at once on a 2,000 mbps internet without having any crashing, lags or disconnects whatsoever...except Guild Wars 2.

I would even dedicate running Guild Wars 2 alone without anything running in the background and yet having the same disconnects, leggings, Conclusion; Guild Wars 2 servers just can't even handle the speed; not on my end, not my problem, not our problem

As any other ongoing repetitive unresolved problems, everything is working as intended

Playing Final Fantasy 14 fluidly at the moment with the new players whom i attempted to help due to Guild Wars 2 Toxic servers

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