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Question about account upgrade


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I bought normal game, when gw2 only starts, then i bought Heart of Thorns... Now i want to buy path of fire...

Developers, WHY you don't have ANY discounts for players who already have your game?

I must buy this game 3 times in a row? When new players buy only Path of Fire and receive basic game + Heart of Thorns for free.

Why players who like this game and was with you from the beginning must pay in 3 times more (buy classic, buy hot, buy pof) ? if to compare with newcomers.

I came into shop and i see only 3 variants:

25 dollars for HoT + PoF55 dollars - Deluxe80 dollars - ultimate

Are you kidding? Where is the variant in the Shop for people who already have invested dollars into your game and already have bought 1 game 2 times in a row?

Why i must buy HoT when i already have it? Please make an discount for players, as example, in the Gem Store: to upgrade Hot to PoF for 500 gems.

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It's a sensible business decision that, as a long time player, may make you feel punished if you only look at it from your wallet's point of view.I try to look at this question while keeping in mind the time I spent playing the game since launch, when you seem to have started playing, too. I pre-purchased all three major releases and have put in close to 10000 hours so far, which is not even close to how many some players have. The cost per hours played is the lowest out of all the games I have ever played. And I'm perfectly fine with it. New players buying the game now will unlikely to have that much time invested in the game, as I, and presumably you, have.

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