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So Lets make annoying long achievements like party guardian. ITs the same as giving the players an expansion.....I have been doing iT for 3 hours and still need one boss. Just need to do the metas and get a random boss out of six? Lets all wait with the community,,, oh we have so much fun... yes i know, i dont need to do achievements

Seriously Anet, stop these annoying achievements and make Some proper content... waiting between bosses is no fun...

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A side achievement as part of a Living World episode versus a complete expansion... Hmm... Yeah, your frustration with ANet seems absolutely valid.

Hint: The champs seem random, but, based on my limited time with them, they do rotate in a way, if you consider all six of them as one "tick" in the rotation. One champ every half an hour, which is 3 hours for all six. The order of bosses within one 3-hour period is random, but don't repeat until all of them spawn. Then it moves to the next "tick" and in the next 3 hour period, another set of the six spawn, but in a different, random order. This means that if you get to a map just at the right time, you could finish the achievement in 3 hours. If you are unlucky, you should finish it anywhere between 3 and a half to 6 hours.Take it with a massive grain of salt, as I only spent time with this for two full "ticks", but the theory held until then. I might just have been lucky.

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