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How to in Personal Story "Defeaqt The Mouth of Zhaitan?

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I am talking about the part where you have to take a helicopter to land on a mesa and clear three pillars. I've cleared all the minions and pillars with no problem. Then MofZh appears and smashes the helicopter.Nothing I &mpet casn do puts a scrath on it. Even the airships canons do not ut a scartch on it.I find that weird and also that suddenly your toon is doing this boss alone.Looking for MODERN solutions. Not the dated trash on youtube,

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You have to throw the fire rocks that are on the ground . When he breathes in that is the only time he is vuln to that attack. Then just dps him down. Rinse and repeat as the fight goes on... You only need use one rock each phase, just make sure you hit him when he breathes in..

That is the only solution..

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  1. The Mouth is invulnerable. Keep distance. Dodge, kite its attacks.
  2. When you see something that looks like a rock on the ground, pick it up.
  3. When The Mouth does its "vortex" thing, its mouth becomes like a tornado, vortex thing, throw that rock in The Mouth direction.
  4. If you hit with the rock, The Mouth will be stunned.
  5. Hit The Mouth with everything you have.
  6. when The Mouth becomes invulnerable again, go to step 1.

So: kite, pick rock, hit ugly one with the rock when its doing its vortex thing, nuke it ... repeat

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