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Drakkar Crash

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This now happened a few times, and it litterly makes me mad and heavily frustrated:

Since the Drakkar Fight update, I often crash during the fight, just to find myself be put back in a different (and VERY empty) instance.

From a possible win - crash - to forget it, nobody here and NO way to return to the map I was in, because "I am not allowed to"

I was IN that map.I am VERY MUCH allowed to return to what I was doing, don't you think?

Your poor decisions on not allowing people to switch maps AND to put crashed accounts in EMPTY maps, makes me not wanna try this fight anymore.

Unless you do one of the following:

  • Garuantee me I do not crash (which you can't)
  • Allow me to return to the map I have EVERY RIGHT TO BE IN. (you should know in which IP map I was)
  • Allow Map Switch.

Either works

Untill then: Byebye Drakkrash fight, Done wasting time on this buggy fight

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Had a map with a good turnout, too. Finished one champion through the Raven Portal, Exited, was fighting Drakakr some more and the game was lagging/ The lag was getting horribly worse, then seems like my character stopped responding. Opening Task Manager to see what was going on - to stop taskeng or taskhost events. Was clean. Ping to router was fine. Was already running Performance in graphics. Then got booted, client lost contact with server nonsense. Internet connection was good, ping was really good. Puzzled.

Logged back in, was still in the raid group, but in a different map. Could not get over to the map I was on. Stayed in the raid though. At the end of the raid I was able to swap over - not one chest was awarded. Got nothing for getting booted. Sucks, but what can ya do?

Personally I think eevery character should have a placeholder added when they get disconnected for whatever reason, and leave that placeholder open for ten or fifteen minutes. Keeps others from hopping in at the last moment. Then if you get logged back on in time, your placeholder will poof once your character gets into that instance/map.

So I concur.

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