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Ok i give up


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I know conq was horrible before PoF because of the no skill required condi spam builds. But PoF just took it to a new level past HoT, I give on conq again i can't hold that much bad up. The issue with ranked has been the afks, horrible pugs, match manipulators, and bots. It was some what playable pre PoF, but still then if one team had a teef and the other one didn't then usually it was gg. Unranked was fun because all the toxic trash players were in ranked. Least in unranked play you knew you weren't going to have the best pug players, then so ranked became much worse with the player base. Now with PoF i can't handle the spammy no skill required builds going on now with the max condi spam allowed. Sadly conq is the problem with pvp in gw2 but they are too invested into it to actually try to fix pvp now. If you failed at competitive play why not just keep failing right?

Cheers gents im going back to stronghold again until a actual improvement to pvp is made with the hoooorrrrrible map style. Maybe they wanted to actually improve pvp then all maps would be converted to some sort of TDM. For some reason gw1 seemed to just work in pvp. In gw2 it's just a sad clown joke on the player base.

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