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Is Clawspur a member of the Order of Whispers


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Clawspur is a Charr Thief. Whispers most definitely would fit him, plus the slightly steampunk aesthetic of the switchblade sword goes well with the Charr. If you want to think of him as Whispers in your story, go for it. If he isn't a member of Whispers, maybe he just stole the sword; after all, he is a Thief. It's your warband; in the absence of given details, fill in the blanks and RP it your way.

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Given that some warbands join the same Order as a group, it would be strange for a member of an order to be in a warband that doesn't yet belong to an order, wouldn't it? I haven't played through the charr personal story to see how this aspect is handled in it. If an established order member did infiltrate a warband, they would be an Order of Whispers agent, naturally. :)

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