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elite spec big dumb-or me big dumb


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So this may or may not be a bug but I've recently dumped all my points into holosmith and have been attempting to try it out. But, no matter how many times I swap between builds and weapons, I don't get my 4 and 5 button attacks. The longest time I've been swapping (just swapping, not including tests) so far is about 40-50 minutes. I've logged out and logged back in, didn't work. I tried dying to see if that would help reset the thing but it also didn't work. I posted this to the bugs forum but no one has responded yet. So, what do y'all think - just a me problem or an actual bug?

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Just to eliminate the obvious: have you got a weapon equipped in the off-hand slot, or a two-handed weapon? Holosmiths can use a pistol or sword as a main-hand weapon but both of those will only fill slots 1-3, you need a second weapon for the 4 and 5 slots. The options are pistol or shield, or you can use a rifle which is a two-handed weapon and fills all 5 slots.

Also are you talking about the normal skills 4 and 5, or the Photonforge ones which are available after activating Photonforge by pressing F5 (or whatever it's bound to for you)? Or both?

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@Enime.1609 said:Ahh that's what I was missing. I didn't know that you needed a weapon in the off hand as I haven't been playing for very long and engi was my first character. Thank you for the clarification lol

Ah, then a super-short primer on weapons and their skills in GW2:Two-handed weapons (Rifle, Shortbow, Longbow, Greatsword, Hammer, Staff, all Aquatic) give all 5 skills.

One-handed weapons wielded in the Main Hand (Pistol, Sword, Dagger, Axe, Mace, Scepter) gives skills 1-3.

One-handed weapons wielded in the Off hand (All above except Scepter, plus Shield, Warhorn, Torch and Focus) gives skill 4 & 5.

Engineer Kits (and the Holosmith's Photon Forge) change all 5 skills, effectively functioning like a 2-handed weapon.

Other classes with special skill interaction are Thief and Elementalist. For Thief, skill 3 is special - it depends on the combination of main- and offhand weapon. For Elementalist, the skillbar for each weapon changes depending on the element they're attunef to.

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