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LFGuild, Casual player, EN, Borlis Pass


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Hello, I'm looking for new friends and an active discord group! I go by many names, but I guess you can call me Rico. I'm 24, F. I haven't been on GW in a few years so I'm rusty, to say the least, and trying to relearn everything. I really want to connect with people and make new friends. I'm an art major graduate, so I can do character commissions if that's a need/want lol. I have a lvl 80 Guardian Human called "Mitsuki Kitsune" that is my main. I'll give my best in any kind of event! So please give me a chance! Thank you!

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I run a casual guild that's fairly active on Discord. Not with 20 people at a time, but usually a few for most of the day. We're casual, social and fun. We've also helpful and realitively knowledgeable about the game. The only thing we don't do is raid.

If you're interested or have questions hit me up in game on Vayne.8563 or respond here.

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I'm an experienced MMORPGer but new to GW 2. Main character is named Jalexxa. Looking for a chatty and active guild. Size doesn't matter ;) I really enjoy dungeoning and raiding in general. My toon is still leveling and gearing up. I'm female IRL and ingame. I speak a few languages although English is my first. I'm a quality engineer for a large Mercedes supplier by day and a Ranger/Druid Human thingy by night. Casual player, but looking to be more than that eventually. I am cooperative and mature, not easily offended, and fine with profanity, innuendo and the general BS that is part of any normal guild Discord or chat. I'm in the US and in the Central Time Zone.

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