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[EU] LF HC Fractal Guild


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Greetings, I am an ex WoW top tier pve player that got tired of the wow experience. I stumbled along gw2 and i liked it more than any other mmo, obviusly there is pros and cons to everything but i am here to stay. After playing casualy for some time and really putting my hours this last 2 months i decided that i want to farm high end fractals untill my eyes bleed.I did my tunning and got my rotation on thief to 90% of benched on snowcrows but that doesnt mean i would not swap class to the need of the group.Said that i am looking for a really farm heavy high end fractal guild. Not looking for "friendly accepting everyone", "social" bs guild. I dont mind toxic or rage players. (prob beeing one myself). Sorry if any English mistakes, I understand and speak Eng, Sp, and Rus and have a good mic. So dont worry about language.

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