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Needing thoughts on my build ideas.

Cheshire Rabbid.7430

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With the additions of templates, I went to work to come up with theory builds for Necromancer. I would be mostly doing PvE stuff and maybe go into WvW. I I have come up with six different builds there do have different gear but I would like to have less gear so my begs are not so full so if you can suggest what type of gear that can fit in more then one build would be great. I'm also hoping that one of these I can be able to solo dungeons since I have seen fewer people doing themThis first one is my Minion build. If you wondering I went into reaper even though it seems like cond build, it is because I wanted to get Rise skill because I with this build I just love the idead of having a shit load of minions around me. Also, I don't know if Vampiric Presence works on minions or not.This one I like to call Chilling Power. This is basically my power build with using chili to increase my power in might and val. I'm stuck between two types of gear and I don't know which one would be better for this.
This is my life steal build. I don't know if I should have some healing power or have just a lot of health.This one is my support build I call Boons and Barriers. While I know there aren't really and healing or tank roles but I think this is as close to helping my grope services with the whole barrier thing. If I'm stupid for doing that then at least I can use the barriers on myself.This is my Conditions build and I think this is a basic one really.And the final build I have is my Tanky build. Like I siad I know there are no real roles in the game but I think with this one I could able to solo a lot of things since I would be hard to kill.That all I came up with thought I was hoping to get some kind of transfer build where I would take condis away from players and on to me where I can either shoot them back at enemies or already get rid of them. Don't know if I actually made somthing like that in one of these builds so let me know. Right now I have three template slots available for me ( will buy more slots later) so feel free to tell me which one you think would be the best for soloing

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Minnion Build - fun in its own way, but there are too many downsides for it to be viable imo. Although it does work occasionally, there's too many situation minnions are not feasible to justify for it to be used.

Minnions either gets ignored or obliterated at higher level contents by stronger foes (eg.elite/champion). Unable to fully control the minnions is the major downside. From not optimal attack skill, pathing, staying/walking into AoE, insufficient damage and keeping player(s) in combat while its not the player's intention etc.

The later builds are more viable, maybe alittle touch up, Min-max and adjustment depending on situation (theory crafting).

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For comparison to your Boons & Barriers, here is my support build. I sacrifice condi dmg for boon duration, use SR, Dessicate and Soul Marks for LF generation, Trail of Anguish for stunbreak/swift/stab (for allies too), and Spectral Ring for CC/prot.http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PSwAs+ZlNwgYdsHmJm6XuvOA-zRRYoRH+NxKj0qgETBdnF/G2A-e

I like you condi build, but I prefer trailblazer trinkets for the toughness/vitality. However, I haven't tried DM w/Carapace at all, so I'm really curious how reliable and easily does Carapace stack and last?

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  1. Chilling power build is great but a small nitpick will be that you dont need sigil of peril and sigil of chilling. Instead you can take sigil of bloodlust, force, cleansing, severance, absorption etc. If you want to go with the theme of your build you can take sigil of ice, hydromancy, frailty and strength. Any of these sigils i mentioned give much more value than what you have on rn.

  2. Life Steal build is not so good rn. Remember that life steal scales with power and healing power both. Also the more number of hits you can get in the more you can get life steal procs, so my personal preference is to make a power build with axe,warhorn/dagger,focus. Use speed runes to keep up with enemy and keep autos with axe to keep life stealing. Use signet trait to stay in shroud longer and keep higher life stealing with shroud attacks and bm wells grandmaster to stay true to build. Sigil of hydromancy and fire to get more life steal procs on many people. It would look something like this:http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PSBFcEG6WZEsEGCTjdijsk3aF-zVRYihz/IWBnSdKgOFB9KE6ZCYnB-w

  3. Your Boon and barrier build is alright but not really min maxed and some odd decisions but otherwise its fine. I also tried to make one for wvw but you also need other supports to shine.http://en.gw2skills.net/editor/?PSxAYt/lNwEZPsImJW8X+vcA-zVRYoB/G1vTJHJQmKgcFB5MEs7skwuF-w

  4. Condi build is fine, its just a death magic poison focused variant of meta build pve. Just make sure when you play it you complete your autoattacks chain to get poison on 3rd auto.

  5. Reaper can be made tanky in many ways other than just gear and even with gear it doesn't need to sacrifice damage as it gets so much crit chance that you can easily use cavalier+valkyrie+marauder to cap crit chance and have insane toughness and vitality. If you want to go in pve, blighters boon and reapers onslaught both are great options but in wvw reapers onslaught is just superior. Also a fundamental problem with your blighters boon build is that you generate no boons so you cant even use utilize that trait that well with your current setup. i made couple of builds to help you.

DeathMagic tanky dps reaper for wvw:http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PSxAEd3lVw4YeMLWJeeXrtfA-zVRYiR97I4DpJhQFqgulASeA-wFirst off antitoxin runes because they are op on necro. You are invulnerable to conditions on this build with shrouded removal+speed of shadows+relentless pursuit.Secondly i ditched dagger for axe because it is just better as ranged even if we have to lose the dagger2 siphon heal. Also the axe autos give vuln which help with carapace stacks. Decimate defenses because we are low on crit.Wurm to get out when getting focused. If you are in a party you can change it to spectral grasp for pulls, corrupt well for more offense, another stunbreak like shout stunbreak or signet of undeath so you can tank even more damage while in shroud.This build does not depend on heals but on tanking damage and switching between shroud and your hp while doing great damage.*You can change death magic to spite 221 with signet of undeath as 3rd utility and then take blighters boon reaper gm trait with fireworks or durability runes to get the spite variant. Make sure you get a cleansing sigil to get better condi cleanse as you wont get op condi cleanse from death magic+antitoxin anymore. Sigil of strength is really good with blighters boon too. Make sure to camp shroud and keep using autos there even if you are running away as spite autos give might which gives free heals with blighters boon even if they dont hit anything.

Thats all i guess. I just wanted to help a bit and made a small guide without knowing.

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