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Fatal Chaos Gaming Community Is a 18+ Mature Community.


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Fatal Chaos Gaming Community Is a 18+ Mature Community.

We are open to all People. We are a MulitGaming Community,we have loads of games we play together as a community and We are also a internationl community! So all are welcome to join!

As A Community We strive to become the best and the most friendliest non toxic community Well try to be, Sometimes things happen and its part of life.

There are a few requirements for joining though. You must apply through our website and apply for either guest,member or team member. Just make sure you make a forum post so we can look it over. Remember you can always change your status of being a member back to down to a guest or a guest to a member! https://fatalchaosgaming.enjin.com/ And Yes We Do Use Discord!

Be mature follow rules and dont cause any drama.

And most importantly HAVE FUN!

If this is something that interests you then what are you waiting for? Come and join Us!

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