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Would like a Shiverpeak Guildhall


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I think one of the reasons they rarely add them is the complexity of the phasing. They'd have to have multiple models for the different phases.

Honestly, as much as I would love a Shiverpeaks Forest/Arah(Not likely but one can dream) themed guild hall at some point, they should probably redesign the whole system first.

I think they gave up on them during Heart of Thorns because of how poorly they were received and failed to continue expanding on them. They wanted them to become these grandiose community driven progression systems, and they failed because many guilds are small and don't have the gold/mats to constantly pump into them. Not to mention the scribing system is tedious and can be outrageously expensive.

They need to:

  1. Make them less expensive to upgrade.
  2. Provide some more incentives for people not interested in decorating or hanging out in map chat or dueling in the arena, like somekind of guild mission invasion system where you can spawn bosses. Maybe even add a strike mission building where people can practice bosses/mechanics with guild members. Aerodrome golemn system would be nice in here as well.
  3. They need to revise the Scribing system so that it isn't insanely expensive to craft decorations, as its a niche passion among a select few within the game and the financial burden typically falls on individuals. They need to just remove the Aetherium/Construction blueprint device and timegate. It really doesn't add any value running over to this machine and clicking a few blue prints. There's no animation showing these things being made, it doesn't really make any sense to begin with, and it's not something that adds immersion to the experience. They also need to revise the recipes of these decorations. Sometimes you're crafting 50 planters/pots just to make a potted variant of a basic decoration? The whole system is needlessly convoluted, and I imagine that's why they've shifted over to selling decorations from vendors in Living Story episodes.
  4. Revisit the technical restrictions of decorations, i.e. the global and local caps. If these restrictions cannot be tweaked, then perhaps better decoration design would make that easier. Example - Instead of a player needing to craft pillows, chairs, couches, bookshelves, carpets - have one large decoration that has all of these as one mesh. Obviously that would be a lot of work though and they wouldn't be able to easily reuse existing assets. (Which they really aren't doing much of anyway.)
  5. I know a lot of people asked for smaller guild halls, which is probably part of the reasoning behind Windswept aside from just seeming rushed in general, but for me it wasn't the size of the guild hall that was overwhelming, it was the cost. The cost of upgrading and the cost of decorating. I've decorated, pretty expansively, three guild halls because it's something I really enjoy doing and a way that I enjoy expressing myself even if my guildmates don't normally care or see it that much, but it always saddens me to continue to see little investment put into this area of the game. Sure, more decorations with releases lately, and that's appreciated, but I just wonder why we don't get even more when there are sooo many assets already in the game between flora and structures that seemingly wouldn't be that difficult to convert to a decoration if they skipped the whole scribing recipe format.

The undoubtedly have no resources for anything guild related at this point, but for Guild Halls especially they still have a lot of potential to make them more engaging and exciting. Same for guild missions and even adding missions for newer releases/expansions, as well as various missions for different activities i.e. races, adventures, strike missions, bounties, etc.

I'm really surprised they haven't revisited this content for the potential that it has to become an easily monetized feature. When you think about how many existing assets they have in the game, they could add collision to some of those assets that don't have them, skip the scribe recipes, and sell decoration bundles on the gemstore. Half the time, decorating enthusiasts like me wind up converting gems to gold to afford to craft the decorations anyway, so why not skip the middle man and just make reasonably affordable bundles that save development time and player time.

Ideally, I would love to have a completely sandbox style Guild Hall feature that lets a Guild leader or designated person, when claiming a plot of land, shape the terrain and environment how they want. Whether that's painting the land with a selection of different textures or simply plopping down some pre-built structures, or just choosing from pre-built terrain types. Choosing from a list of pre-built flora assets and ambience creatures, lighting settings.Then being able to place the structures where they want, including the waypoints. This is obviously a pretty monumental undertaking and would probably be better for something like player housing, but I've always loved games that implemented this (though I don't think I've ever played an mmo that did). I don't ever expect anything like this in Guild Wars 2, and while not knowing what they're working with or what resources they have can understand how unreasonable it sounds. But I'm just tossing it into the wind!

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