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About Mounts i.e. I am the noob


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Hello everyone! I just recently bought a mount liscence thingy loot box randomization doo-hickey, and I won a mount. Or a skin of a mount. How do you equip it? It says its locked? I researched and some guy on youtube said I had to go find an egg for it.... stuff like that? Maybe he was talking about something else. Like "End-Game Never Pay But Grind your Heart out" type things. What I originally thought, was.... I buy the mount and i equip it like any other MMO. How does one unlock the already paid for mount after you buy it? Or am i bugged?

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What mount are we talking about? Most of them are not that hard to acquire (wiki may cover more ground than is necessary, we can give you the TLDR if you don't feel like reading a wall of text after expecting to receive the mount with the skin).

Mounts have their own masteries, it's a good system: they all have their unique uses, so a skin doesn't define the mount. You'll always want to use the right mount for the job. It's not about one being 0.1 mps faster than another, they have different abilities. And you'll want them all.

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