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Why do you still play this game?


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Right now I'm just working on my builds and collecting skins hoping up and coming stuff will connect the game modes better and have a more open world feel. If those changes and content come about and I still feel like I'm playing a bunch of separate games in little separate maps then I'll have to look around for something.

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Theres still enough I enjoy. It is very easy just to pick up and play and do whatever no matter the quality. Play a random map, check off a random achievement, work on more legendaries, progress an alt.

I think I’m also stuck part way between addiction and burn out though....trapped in a state of permanent limbo...

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I enjoy a variety of different activities and also enjoy repeating things like the personal story and the LW stories. I am constantly moving from one activity to another... and just go wherever I want depending on my mood. Thus far, I don't have a problem staying engaged (been playing since the pre-launch beta).

An interesting (at least to me) note is that I have left other games... and that has invariably occurred when I found the game and its entirety more frustrating than enjoyable. That hasn't happened with GW2.

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I still have a ton of story left to wade through (just started Path of Fire and I immediately fell in love with Elona). I love exploring and the world in general - it's so pretty, and the lore is fascinating. I finally dipped my toes into WvW and found I greatly enjoyed it, so I'll be doing that in the future, too. PVP is great, I like trying out different classes and builds (and failing a lot when I mess up...but learning is part of the fun for me). Maybe one day in the future I'll even try out fractals.

In short: I still have a lot left in this game that I haven't even begun to explore. I'm having so much fun with this game, so I'll continue to play it.

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Why am I still playing GW2, despite its many flaws?

First, the brutal honesty: there's nothing better out there right now. Everything is either raidy, grindy, too PVP focused, takes hours just for basic daily stuff, or some combination of those.

But besides that...

  • My guild, TINY. Best guild I've ever seen in any game. http://tinyarmy.org
  • Some of the most interesting races in any MMO.
  • Ability to do dailies in under an hour and have plenty of time left over to gasp enjoy the game.
  • No locked-in end game progression grind.
  • Deep game world and lore. Even after seven years of same old Central Tyria, every time I level a new character, I still find things I've never seen before.
  • Good player base, more nice people and fewer jerks than other games.
  • The ability to just sit in DR and listen to someone playing music without feeling like I'm wasting time, or anybody yelling at me about why I'm not prepping for raids.
  • Do you get the impression that ten years of WoW and nine of STO really soured me on end-gaming, grinding, and toxic people? Yeah, it did.
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The controls alone are worth it for me, even before I learned to love JPs. Action Camera is awesome.

Beyond that.. the world is still largely unknown to me. I'm around 1500 hours in, and I'm nowhere near to hearing everything every path has to offer. And I guess I should add that I enjoy the world. I may not agree with the treatment of certain species, but I suppose that only adds to the game.

And I struggle to spend money. Vast bulk of my spending comes from my numerous alts and their LWS unlocks. I come from STO, I have spent hundreds of euros on new ships, but that hasn't carried over to GW2. I have tons of convenience, I have plenty of skins... I'm happy. And I think many feel the same, which is why an expansion could be so vital. I still try to be an adult, shovelling money into a game makes no sense if I'm not using it to get anything I actually want. I absolutely love them for their fairness, but "that's it? But I still have gems left.." has been my experience from the first sale I was keen on spending some.

I don't want them to make legendaries any easier. I still want to experience that. My "problem" is that I'm just... content, happy. They haven't crushed any of my desires (in all fairness I have only been here for two years). The drama is what has hurt me the most. I love the amount of voice acting, the quality of animation, and the diversity of the maps. It's a nice world to just be in. The fear of it ending is the worst, but chain me in the mists if you must, the Icebrood Saga has been good. I saw my first Pegasus in the wild yesterday, and hearing it made me immediately think of that obnoxious bow. It's stupid, but the game has been stupid like that for a while already.

And then of course there's Mordemoth. You don't have to love it as much as I do, you can instead appreciate the choice. (But I'll fight you for my dragon, blink and you're fertiliser.) It's a good story. It may be hard to swallow that you're not necessarily the centre of the attention in the Icebrood Saga, but for all I care we needed a reality check. It's a good opportunity to go and play GW1 if you haven't already. It's incredibly rich in lore, and isn't that what we're ultimately here for? The world. Seriously, go play it.

I don't want to take anything away from the veterans who have rightfully burned out over the years, I don't have the experience to comment on that. I sincerely wish they'll fix all the gamemodes and somehow deliver content that satisfies the widest audience. But I'm not sorry for the shortest second that I'm happy right now. I can wait if they need more time to fix some older core issues. To me, this is easily the best game I have played, and I still have so much left.

TL;DR Jumping Puzzles.

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Inertia is probably the best answer. But it's not like I ever regret time spent playing, and seldom do I even consider whether I might rather pursue some other entertainment before I log on. I am creeping up on the near end of solo stuff I can do though, and while I participate in group content, I find it much less enjoyable. It's hard for me to imagine I'll stop playing before the game or I dies though. Why would I . . ?

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