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Between my Mirage and Teef, I’m more interested in dusting off my Teef right now, but been a while since I’ve played.

Before I left I was toying between s/d DD and staff, now I see core is getting some love. Bottom line is I don’t enjoy relying on stealth, I’m brawler all the way but I can’t decide on what’s stronger right now. The general consensus back in the early days was s/d does everything staff does but better, is this still true?

PvP by the way, mostly Spvp but also roaming.

Thanks guys.

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S/D DrD is unusual (albeit not irrational).If you truly ment S/D DrD then comparing it with Staff won't do you any good since both builds are subpar to other Thief builds including Meta builds, both will get as shut down as the other with only exception that S/D has more value for the team in current Meta.If you wanna brawl just go the Meta S/P Build.

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