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Where's necroment going?


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Where's necroment going?

a simple question, where is the origin of the necromancer, original essence of this class? after this patch.personally I'm losing her over and over again, it's sad. :'(It's been 2 and a half years since POF came released and patch after patch necroment loses its flavor, just gets lost.(basic necroment shroud is cool now, I admit it. :p )

With patch of February 25th.the necromancer loses in corruption, loses in suppression of advantages.The scourge specialization which is supposed to have passed over the burn and barrier, loses in barrier and burn with each patch for the umpteenth time to the point of being annihilated in this cdps version.

On the other hand, the mesmer is gaining more and more advantageous suppression, it's good.The new redesign of the revenant condi is based on torment and chill, it's cool but it was supposed to be the master conditions of the necromancer.

  • better life steal on shiro.

If every class can do it all, what's the point of setting up this class or that class.Please limit some alteration to certain classes, some buff to certain classes with sigils and runes we can already give a lot of buff or condition that are not from our class.So if you refocus each class on 2 buff and 2 conditions in their skill and trait or on 1 specific mechanic, the rest will be compensated with runes and sigils.And we will finally find the usefulness of each class.

So that's why my question is what's left for the necromancer, fear.One of the worst CC in PvP in a group because you want the person to stay in aoe.In pve more you do hard CC the faster the breack bar falls and the fear is in soft CC which accumulates on the long term which is still the worst CC in pve.The only use of the fear is in the point cap in pvp solo and a push back or a mesmer grap is more efficient.It has no more identity, the scourge specialization which was already extremely bad in 1V1, will have no more use in dps.

So please the change is very good, I have absolutely nothing against it.

But please, give back a clear identity to necromancer and each spe !!!

Make a redesign of the scourge if you find it too broken.But make each class, spe is an identity and serve a purpose in each game mode.

Good luck.I'm sorry, English isn't my First language.https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/post/editdiscussion/98171#

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Well, the necromancer is that beast with mountain amount of health points that have mob level of gameplay. That's it, the necromancer's identity is just that. There is no reason to really complain about corruption since even after the patch the necromancer will still have more of them that he used to in the vanilla game.

The reaper is the "slow" monster from which it's hard to get away. Nothing will change here, except that it will do less burst damage.

The scourge is the walking plague with it's bit of support. Again, nothing will change there.

ANet with this patch that's coming only reduce coefficients in such a way that they expect fights to be longer as a result. And objectively doing such a thing is in favor of professions that favor damage reduction mods over damage nullification to protect their health pools. Objectively, this patch favor the necromancer's survivability tools and, no, it doesn't hurt the necromancer's and it's e-specs' identity, if anything it strengthen these identities.

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  • it's a great might, heal, barrier and rez support in pve
  • it lacks a dps build in pve
  • in wvw the damage will see a hardnerf (shade multiplier nerf from 0,66 to 0,1 and torment and burning duration cut in half), scourge will need a new metabuild (I guess back to the roots which means back to wells)
  • in pvp it's still too vulnerable even after the damge nerfs


  • in pve it's the necro dps spec with lot's of build options that are all around 25 to 30k dps, I like that and since the spec is so durable the damage is consistent and more often than not you are top dps (exception: speedclear groups, that don't have a use for the sustain/dps tradeoff, have to play another class)
  • nothing will really change in the competive modes except that more offensive gear will be viable in multi-encounter scenarios which is great, I am fed up with running soldier and paladin, it sucks as 2 minute attrition battles are boring (even if I win 95% of them at the end of the day)


  • in pve it will remain useless, which is simply a result of the horrible core shroud design which anet never fixed but instead added tons of sustain so we have a niche (unkillable) for the spec that no one needs (arguably the worst class design in the whole game)
  • in the competitive modes people will try the signet bunker build right from day one and pretty soon realize that a 1v1 build without mobility sucks equally in pvp and wvw, the standard carrion build for pvp will be slightly better than now in the context of the balance patch but still not high skill level encounter viable


  • the nerfs won't be a big issue because encounters will have less boons at a lower uptime
  • there will even exist viable necro builds that don't focus on corruptions at all

Class Design

  • necro has 3 very different specs so there does not exist a general design for the class
  • necro will lose its focus on corruptions which is not necessary are bad thing (this is a result of the general boon and corruption nerfs and of the damage nerfs since our defense shifts from debuff the target to deal less damage and be less mobile to general durability)
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