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Personal Story is complete... so uhmmm.. what now?


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I wrapped up the personal story yesterday. Id already hit 80. So uhm… what now? My first thought was to go to HoT. Having run through the 0-80 game with little to no difficulty, I figured HoT would be the same. Until I was seemingly one hit killed by pacts of baby raptors two or three times. It seems like the game has gotten significantly more difficult. This is where I am. lvl 80 Necro/Reaper with 3 unlocks into reaper (also running spite and Death) . Im wearing basically the event gear from the personal story. with a focus on Power, Precision, and ferocity. And Ive made it through the 1 and 2 of HoT and am now stuck on the maddening, #3 gain mastery in gliding, which I have no idea how to do. So... I'm rambling. Anyway. So is this what I should be doing, or should I tackle something else until I have better skill or gear or some such?

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@"Wraith.8127" said:Until I was seemingly one hit killed by pacts of baby raptors two or three times.

Welcome to the jungle. Wait until you meet your first veteran smokescale and the bristlebacks. :)

Yeah, the seasons and especially HoT are a whole level harder than core game. I haven't played Necro in a dog's age so I can't give you direct advice. Hit up Metabattle for an open world build. Look into Wooden Potatoes' open world necro build on YouTube as well.

Never run an elite until you get the whole trait line unlocked.

3 gain mastery in gliding

If you have the XP bar filled for the gliding mastery you'll probably need to get one of the mastery points. The easiest way is to just play the story. If you see anything marked "strongbox" grab that too.

If you have the mastery points but lack the XP, just run around Verdant Brink and do the events until you do. There's a lot of loot in doing it and it's the only way (other than story) to get the crowbars to open the "chests" around the map.

If the mechanic is stymieing you, click on the XP bar and the trait line for the mastery will open. If the line you have selected for training has a glowing mastery point icon, click on it.

Everything else is just practice. You might want to buy the seasons as a way to fill in the story and get mastery points.

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Living World Season 2 (LS2) comes before HoT, if you go straight from PS to HoT you're going to have a bad time because there was like a few years of difference in there while the first two Living World seasons ran their course. (LS1 is not replayable.)

You can purchase it on the gemstore with money or in-game gold, or enter someone else's story instances.

Also, you're running what is known as "full glass" gear. That's likely why you didn't have any problem with Personal Story, because you just DPS'ed everything down before it could hurt you, but that won't work in the expansion areas unless you're experienced enough to avoid any and all damage. I recommend you run some Toughness and Vitality in your gear.

Its a good idea to just use a proper set of equipment by this point, which you can buy it off the Trading Post. If you're looking to play Power Reaper than you can start with a combination of Valkyrie/Beryl (Power, Ferocity, Vitality) armor and weapons and Knight's/Emerald (Power, Precision, Toughness) trinkets. This combination doesn't lose much damage and gives you alot more defense to work with.

Only buy Exotics, never Rares. Buy a Lunar New Year's backpiece (Lucky Monkey, Rat, etc.) which are stat-selectable.

Make sure you also get a good set of Superior Runes (something with Power as the main stat), equip your weapons with Superior Sigils, probably starting with Bloodlust and Accuracy, and run some food, lv60-70 Power/Vitality food and Hardened Sharpening Stones

This isn't optimal, but it should get you through HoT and in LS3 you can start on Ascended gear.

Yes, this all costs alot of gold. Welcome to end-game content: Farming. Silverwastes RIBA in LFG is a good place to start when its up, usually under Central Tyria squads, and later once you get to Auric Basin you can run the Tarir meta every 2 hours to get ~5g per run.

Read up on MetaBattle Wiki to understand how efficient builds are made. You don't need to be this advanced yet, which is why I suggested a much simpler setup, but something like this is what you'll want to aim for long-term.https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Reaper_-_Power_Greatsword

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You don't need to buy Living World Season Two to play the maps that come with it. Just head to Dry Top and The Silverwastes. They are intermediary between Core and Heart of Thorns.

Or head to Bjora Marches (assuming you have Path of Fire).

Are you using Exotic Gear? It's available in Orr for Karma, or on the Trading Post.

Good luck.

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If your current problem is to just fill your exp bar to gain gliding/some mastery, I'd suggest you to take part in some meta events like Dragon's Stand (or if you don't find many people, Tarir should be quite populated). This way you should gain good exp with low effort, without risking to die alone. Dragon's Stand has also several mastery points and easy hero points, to complete your Reaper build.Then it's up to you if you prefer to also change your gear/stats (but it's quite common to see people in full berserker stats dying in open world, so you're not the only one). The pocket raptors are notoriously infamous for many people :/

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After you finish your story the game starts, you can do many things in PvE, doing living world 2/3/4/HoT/PoF stories, doing low level fractals that don't require AR, doing meta events to get mats and gold for your ascended gear, you can try PvP, for hundreds of hours I didn't touch it but later when I did i get addicted to it more than the PvE, regarding WvW I'm soulbeast player and I don't have a place in WvW (other than roamer) so I don't know much but you can read about it to see if its fit your style.In general there is many things to do, if you enjoy PvE then there is a hell a lot of content for you to do, but if you like PvP then you got sPvP and WvW.

And yeah, HoT and PoF are harder than the core game and it was kinds tough to adapt when I first left Tyria xD

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