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LFG, returning players, PVE, Crystal Desert


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Two people looking for a PVE based guild, with some PVP on the side. (Thief/Elementalist and Necromancer)

We've had a long break from guild wars, though I personally have been a member since launch- and we're looking to get back into the swing of Tyria after a long stint of mythic raiding in wow. Searching for a guild who is willing to answer questions and help out as we re-introduce ourselves to the game, leading into perhaps some serious or casual raiding. Hoping to find an active community, for dungeons/grouping, early Fractals as well as high tier fractals, world boss runs etc.

Contact Kitsunemage.5104 with offers, or reply here.

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Hey Kitsunemage,

The Charter Vanguard does raids thrice a week, PoF bounty runs once a week, and is beginner friendly for any questions that you might have. We've been around since 2004, and still as active as ever. Some of our members also do PvP regularly. We're in majority on Henge of Denravi though, assuming that might not be a problem https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/696/pvx-hod-na-sea-charter-vanguard#latest

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Hi there!

Not sure about your timezone, but Midway [mWAY] is looking for members!We are a fairly new guild but growing quickly, currently over 50 members with plenty of them online on a daily basis.

  • New and returning players welcome!
  • Laid-back: Real life comes first
  • Casual: No strict representation requirements, no strict events or attendance schedules, no strict activity requirements.
  • Play on NA server during AUS/SEA/OCE timezones (although we have some NA players who are active during our time).
  • PvE-focused: Story Mode, Map completion, Dungeons, Fractals, Guild Missions and soon(!) Raids
  • Newly created Advisor roles: people in guild who are experts in particular PvE areas to answer questions and organise teaching runs

We aren't quite up to raids yet, but we are trying to get everyone geared up and on the same page to begin attempting it.

Let me know if you'd like to give us a shot!

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