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Character screen prevents whispers

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If a whisper goes to the last character logged on, must you cycle through all recent characters every time you log on or change characters?Once you do that, must you do it again, in case someone whispered whilst you were checking the other one?

I think what you really want is whispers to go to accounts, rather than characters.

Good luck

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the way whsipers work is that they are being sent to an account with a character's name. Now there are many ways to resolve this issue and i'm not sure about my accuracy of how it used to work but the point is you shouldEITHER-receive an error message as the sender if it couldn't transmitOR-receive said message regardless of your statusThat's always the case! If you're apparearing offline you'll receive the first option if you're online normally it should always be the second option and probably same for when you are relogging or whatever you're doing in the character screen.

And yes i'm pretty sure anet keeps track on what your last logged in character was hence you can check your friendlist and see what profession it was. Infact it doesn't actually matter since ANY character would work. Just not loss of information is a real problem

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