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Why does repeater flip from shadow strike no count as dual wield?

Crab Fear.1624

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@Crab Fear.1624 said:We have two weapons in our hands.

I think they use same skill for both one pistol and p/d. And they need to separate them first. Otherwise one pistol repeater will trigger dual wield trait.But i don't understand what's a problem will be if one onehanded weapon will use this trait. No one run's one onehanded weapon, unless only for fun and troll.

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@Yasai.3549 said:Because Repeater is a single pistol skill.

It probably isn't coded as a dual wield skill, despite being a flip skill.

They should probably look into it and make Repeater for P/D its own skill with its own unique function rather than literally being a reused copy-paste skill.

This is the best option IMO. The flip skill version requires different use conditions so it should have been a separate skill in the first place.

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