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Gamebreaking bug in Migraine Hard Mode (Mordemoth Story Fight)

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When he hits 25% and youre supposed to glide up for the 3rd time the Whirlwind AoE on the ground that constantly ccs you doesnt dissappear AND it becomes invisible which makes it IMPOSSIBLE to glide and to survive this fight. Feels really good dying there because of a game bug when youre on the boss for over 30 minutes already :) Solo'ed bosses 1 and 2 and now i cant complete it, wasted 2 hours, nice

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0 responses on here... Thanks for nothing. According to other people ive talked to about this bugfest of an instance there are at least 2 more gamebreaking bugs in this instance. Most people that have this achievement actually did the instance for 10+ times to have it not bug for ONCE. This is just so incredibly sad to see. Almost 5 years now and apparently absolutely 0, ZERO time has been invested in fixing this. Too much focus on making content that noone is asking for i guess...

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