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Icebrood Saga masteries

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Hi, I'm still leveling my Icebrood Saga masteries and I'd like to know what do Essence of Valor, Essence of Resilience, and Essence of Vigilance Tier 3 excactly do because thein game description isn't clear enough.

Is it really worth it to level up these Tier 3 masteries or should I just ignore them because they don't seem to add much?

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The masteries give you one special skill each that you can use on enemies weak to a specific essence type. Higher tiers give you higher damage. You can find info on this here. There is also an achievement tied to the use of these skills.

Also, you need at least tier 2 in each to be able to open all the essence chests. Tier 3 only gives you more drops in that regard.

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