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Writing Prompt: Halloween!

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My fellow Tyrians --

It's nearly that time of the year again. The air is growing colder, the leaves are dying their colorful deaths, and nearly everyone is either looking forward to or dreading the return of His Pumpkin-Headed Lunacy, Mad King Thorn.

Everyone has their own characters and guilds with their unique personalities and viewpoints. As I am aware that many of you in this forum and others enjoy a good bit of writing, I am issuing a challenge: Write a 500-700 word story (or 200 words/character) blurb about how your characters would react about the return of Mad King Thorn and/or the festivities which surround the oncoming madness. It could even include your sylvari's introduction to candy-corn, an asuran alchemist's foray into batwing brews (with disastrous consequences!) or countless other scenarios to fit the season.

I am not planning on giving prizes; this is a write for fun and others prompt to get some creative juices flowing. :)

Have fun, and happy writing!


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