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The timing of the next balance patch seems odd


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First of all, I'm going to openly admit that I don't have a very firm grasp on the impact of the upcoming balance patch, I don't play every class and don't spreak traits fluently.

That said, the general feeling I got from reading over the thread seems to be "nerfs across the board" with damage in general being lowered; and I'm just wondering... isn't Anet trying to get more people into raids now with the strike missions? I've done a bit of raiding with some beginner friendly teaching groups, but it always felt like the content was a bit above my level (poor reflexes and easily stressed isn't good for rotation memorization), so I can only imagine that it'll become even more difficult if the general damage output goes down and raids becomes harder because of it.

So yeah, it just feels like an odd decision to do this now; trying to get more people into harder content but then introducing a lot of nerfs that I imagine will make groups even more picky about who to take along. But maybe I'm missing something. Perhaps those more fluent in traits and game mechanics can offer some reassurance?

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The nerfs to PvE comes from mechanics changes. Some of them are also technically a nerf because something was lost but not hugely important in PvE. For example necros will have even less access to stability despite their already paltry amount but in PvE that isn't as important.

Many of the CC skills had their animations slowed down which can be an issue in PvE fights where you have a short window for a breakbar like Vinetooth Prime or the gladiator in Chaos Fractal. Although those will also require more borderline situations(it will be harder to carry people through breakbars), groups where everyone is doing their part shouldn't be impacted much.

A bunch of sources of Unblockable has also become potentially less powerful since they work by hit count instead of duration but that is also a relatively niche thing in PvE.

There are also actual nerfs though like "Feel My Wrath!"'s change.

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@"MikeG.6389" said:If it was "nerfs across the board", wouldn't that keep the playing field the same?

To an extent, yes. Which is more why the comments made noted more of a ‘reset’ than a balance. With a reduction in power creep for WvW and PvP.

From there, more in the way of balance to start with more of a new floor.

Now... whether it works or not, we likely won’t know for 3-6 months.

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As others said the only changes that are really crossing into PvE are qualitative changes (e.g. trait reworks or major skill changes), but not really numeric changes.

The PvP changes are pretty clearly trying to do a few key things across the board:

  • Increase time to kill by reducing all sources of strike damage and condition duration.
  • Reduce healing.
  • Shorten boon durations so they have to be used tactically.
  • Remove damage from CC skills to get rid of stunlock kills.
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@RaidsAreEasyAF.8652 said:

@kharmin.7683 said:I main ranger and am disappointed with the soulbeast changes. :( If it were an issue only in competitive modes, I wish that the changes were not for open world PvE. /shrug

Why are you disappointed? Soulbeast is getting Omega Buffed in PvE.

I often swap pets during combat. This is being removed, which for me is disappointing.

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IMHO (and please respect that), if WvW'ers (and probably PvP,'ers I don't know, I don't care) didn't play with macros and/or mouse with 400 extra buttons that look more like a teenager's face (ugh) to stack dozens of conditions before their target press the first button, even if that button is a condition cleansing skill, that wouldn't happen.

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@Blocki.4931 said:

@Hannelore.8153 said:This is an unpopular opinion but I wish it was PvE too tbh.

Nah, open world already means hp sponges out the kitten in events, it would be so boring if you had to focus champions for 5 minutes even more than you already do sometimes. Now if scaling of enemies was also lowered by 50%...

I haven't seen an enemy take more than five seconds to kill outside of instanced content since the release of PoF. Even on the newest maps, Champion level enemies melt like butter under any significant pressure from a group.

Current DPS from players is up to 3-4x what it was at release, but game design has remained mostly the same.

Guilds have even 5man'ed raids in Masterwork gear..

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