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I'd like to ask, firstly, if i am the only one who thinks this weapon is in desperate need of a skill rework.And secondly, if we could ever expect one to come.

Honestly, next to two other weapons in this game this is, for me, part of the most boring weapons there ever were.It's a fire and forget kinda deal, you set your marks, maybe you'll even use your projectile once...you swap to your real weapon, rinse and repeat.The problem is that the staff does little, and what little it does, it does badly.With your first mark you can see that it once was thought to be a supportive weapon in it's own way, and in years gone by even number four was supportive (swapping conditions from allies around the mark to enemies).Your best skill is probably number five for it's amazing, if short lived, cc.

But it lacks in a lot of ways, support isn't really there, condi pressure can't be build up, it is the only weapon on the necro without a buff counter (despite one of the skills being named after a more powerful buff counter in the first game) and the trap like marks are just not a good mechanic for a weapon.

I don't have a full solution for this, i would hope, for one, that Chillblains would be changed to a heavy buff counter and maybe that Mark of Blood would be changed to pulse bleeding and regen instead of just giving both once.Maybe do something else with Putrid Mark as well as the condi swap isn't really the reason anyone uses the staff anyway, i bet most don't even consider it to the least, or noticed it even.

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There are lots of people who dislike staff, it has been discussed many times, so you're not alone.

It's design has fallen behind compared to many things that have been introduced and reworked as the game has progressed but it still has a lot of value. Like an old family sedan it might not be as pretty or as luxurious as the new sports cars but it does what it does so well there isn't any reason to replace it.

I agree that staff is a little boring in concept but there's a reason it's used in so many builds - it's utility is versatile and powerful.

Personally, it's my favorite weapon Necro has and one of my favorite weapon kits in general across any profession. I know some probably think I'm crazy, but I find it very satisfying to use and many times it's the thing that wins me my fights. I'd be okay with certain Marks getting some updates with additional effects or visuals but, reworking any of it so it functions completely different would ruin the weapon IMO.

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Ok yeah, it's horrendously bland and unpleasing to use since its 4 single effect circles.But consider the following argument that everyone has been throwing at the idea of staff rework ; "Having 4 large circles makes tagging in WvW real easy".

I really want a rework for the staff…. but people 'll probably give us some bizarre reason to not rework it.

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They could spice it up quite easily. Improve the AA a bit, not necessary adding effects but chaning how it works, its clunky and unreliable.Turn skill 2 into a "Well" skill to make it pulse damage / healing for 3 seconds. This gives a synergy with the wells trait and better synergy with healing power.Turn skill 3 into a effect that applies again after 2 or 3 seconds to reward positioning and to encourage a bit of zone controll, all while adding a bit better scaling to condiiton damage.Skill 4 should spawn a minion if you successfully transfer 3 conditions on a foe with a flipover skill untill its off cooldown, both to add flavour and to creaty synergy with death magic. To make it fith with the theme of the weapon the minion skill could be a tether that, if not broken causes immob or weakness and some damage while killing the minion.Skill 5 should use the ammo mechanic and get 2 charges with maybe reduced fear duration at a reasonable recharge between charges.

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@claytonmorby.3751 said:You're talking about a weapon that has had its place in both PvP and WvW metas for years.

Is it weaker now due to powercreep? Sure, but I don't think you appreciate how useful Marks 3,4, and 5 can be in a competitive setting.

to be fair necro has no choice :)2 power and 2 condi mainhands, the lowest number of any class in game.

its like thief, just cz u have 2 bad ranged dps options (bow, pistol) doesnt mean u dont want a 3rd better one (rifle).i use staff since launch but its just a lootstick in wvw,and in pvp it also fell behind in powercreep, from a flexible creative weapon to a spam and pray rotation.

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