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'Twas the night before Patch Day


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'Twas the night before Patch Day, when out in The Mists;Someone was saying, “Ugh matchmaking! Fuck this”.Another season has ended, Helio won;“Which account should I sell? Maybe this one?”Yet others had hope that the devs would dare;To wield their nerf-hammer, “please this time, be fair”With 2v2s coming, soon we will see;What is OK, and what is straight OP;Despite Swiss tourneys soon and nerfs to CC;Many players will not see this patch with glee;Forum warriors will all be shedding their tears;No longer knowing if thief should cap near;Others will cry nerf this and that, boo-hoo;Whilst they claim, “I am gold tier! And you?”

In the meantime, the rest sleep and await;Skill nerfs to evades, weavuhs with Twisted Fate;They’re about to get wrecked like mirage with one dodge;While thieves run rampant with their espionage;Revenant does stuff I am tired of this;Soulbeast got nerfed, “Ugh matchmaking, fuck this!”Warriors still suck, right? I do not know;They will be worse off than holo, that’s fo-sho;Something about firebrand being too strong;Full CD resets on one skill? That’s wrong;

More about necros they are probably trash;I really did not read much of this patch;

Rest In Piece Rock Gazelle, your Head Toss was large;Guide us into this patch-day using your charge;You will be missed but other pets are still busted;A new way to play, makes this game seem less rusted;

Perhaps this will be the reset we need;To save this game from itself and toxicity.

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