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Should Combo Finishers get buffed?


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I think whirl finishers are the ones that need the greatest amount of work. Frankly I'd like to see their functionality reworked from the ground up to become more practical. Although some other ones could use some buffs, balancing some can be tricky due to their spammability for certain builds/specs. I would at the very least like to see more combo finisher-encouraging traits that are properly impactful and worth taking. Would be cool to help carve new group-oriented roles for builds like a Thief being able to spam Cluster Bomb into coordinated fields. One good example is being able to aurashare on Ele when leaping through combo field, and then proccing other on-aura traits.

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@MyPuppy.8970 said:As a core dd ele i still heavily rely on combos for support/damage/sustain

Same as an engi. I run med kit so a lot of my heals come from blasting and leaping through water fields.

Occasionally I'll run condi holo with bombs and try and line up a Fire bomb + Incindiary Ammo + Photon Blitz burst.Gameplay like that feels very satisfying to pull off, and is fair to play against due to the amount of setup required.

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@Tycura.1982 said:With everything going down across the board now might be a good time to give these tools a once over as they promote smarter teamplay.Or this would make classes with the most access to combo fields AND blasts AND leaps even stronger than before. Namely ... ele and engi. And additional headache for them to balance.Why would they need any buffs at all even?

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I don't think they "need" to be buffed.

Before every professions gained the ability to fart boons they were a "stapple", yet the mechanism was flawed in the sense that some fields end up having more interesting combo effects than other. It's unfortunate but it's a fact that the combo mechanism becoming "flavor" was a boon for the game, because it used to be a reason for discrimination.

In my opinion, what combo need is not a buff to what they do, it's traits that make the character deal a static effects whatever the field used in the combo. For example:

  • Reaper could have a trait (minor or major) that apply an additional instance of half a second of chill on successfull combo (whirl projectile).
  • Scourge could have a trait (minor or major) that apply an additional instance of 2-3 seconds torment on successfull combo (whirl/projectile).
  • Chronomancer could have a trait (minor or major) that apply an additional instance of 1-2 second of slow on successfull combo (whirl/projectile and aoe slow on blast).
  • Berserker could have a trait (minor or major) that apply an additional instance of 1-2 second of burn on successfull combo (whirl/projectile and aoe burn on blast).
  • ... etc.

Another thing that I find necessary is a standardization of the combo effects. We still got a few combo fields that have "original" effects like poison fields or smoke fields. Ideally:

  • Blast should create an aoe effect. (which is generally the case)
  • Projectile and whirl should apply a single target effect (which is the case as well)
  • Leap should give an aura (which is not the case. Water, poison, smoke and lightning should give their own aura, lightning is easy since it already exist and stealth could probably be transformed into an aura. However, water and poison need their own.)

The goal should be more rigor into what the combo do and an adaptation of the professions' e-specs to the act of doing a combo instead of a flat "buff" to the effects which most likely won't change much to the fact that fire fields are the best combo fields.

NB.: All in all more rigor in this game can't hurt.

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I love combo'sBut they only increase the gap between good players and the bad ones, whereas currently Anet should reduce this gap.Moreover smoked combo are already too powerful in mcm.And to finish, it's still going to buff the same class as elem, guardian, ... and left out the necromancer who has the worst combo and gives no buff.


Make combo fields stronger, but make them disappear/not able to get combo'd in after a proc so they don't overwrite each other at a rate of 50 fields per second.it's wonderful idea!!!!!!!!!!

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Yes i've always thought combo finishers were the coolest part of this game that they forgot about. I find it funny that most of the game defining mechanics that separate GW2 from other mmo's Anet spends the least time refining like under water combat and combo fields.

Make me wonder if between core and now did anet abandon there original goals they had in the game in favor of something else.

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