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Does anybody have any details on the two traits?


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Stuck at work , if anybody has checked since patch . I'm interested in the exact details on Inspiring Virtue which replaced Virtuous Solace(only details is that increases damage after activating a virtue but no details by how much) and Furious Focus which replaced Binding Jeopardy(only details are that inflicts Vulnerability on any foes while you have Fury but no details on how much Vulnerability).

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I have not checked Furious Focus. Inspiring virtue is 10% for 6 secs. Weak..

Also, heavy light is 15% to disabled foes, which is useless since the other grand master, big game hunter gives 15%, with far better uptime and consistency in PvP (it is not even remotely a comparison in PvE).

I think DH lost about 0.4% damage from the big hunter change, but better solo vulnerability up time.

I was hoping Inspiring virtue makes core virtues/zeal/radiance closer to DH, or create a dps power alternative to GS, with virtues/radiance/DH. Nope. If you ever use virtues in PvE as part of dps build (not sure why) Inspiring virtue is probably better than the alternatives for damage.

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