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So the new S2 chilling isolation is amazing


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@Trollocks.5084 said:

@Kanok.3027 said:It's not stronger, but the nice change to it that it's no longer projectiles, so you won't get hit with your own projectiles upon a reflection field/shield. I like this change and support it fully.

Also won't be blocked by projectile-only shields. Or LoS problems.

Meaning it shouldn't have 2/3 projectiles fly into the ground in the opposite direction of your target. Took how many years to fix that?

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@ArthurDent.9538 said:

@Jthug.9506 said:I have been getting numbers out of it that rival sword 5...

Precision strike always hit slightly higher than deathstrike, it just showed the numbers for all 3 projectiles individually, where as for the new sword 2 it shows the sum damage just like for deathstrike.

May also be because Swd5 got gutted.

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